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  • ok
  • This works great. I have to deduct one star because it removes the ability to switch to night mode.
  • Aprovado!
  • Thank You So Much Dear "Mirza Brunjadze" , For This Brilliant addon
  • Thank you.
  • Работает
  • реально нужная штука теперь видно хоть сколько новых видео у авторов спасибо .
  • Działa świetnie! Bardzo polecam!
    Dziękuję autorowi za utworzenie tego dodatku
  • I love it very much. It was one of my favorite add-ons. =)
  • Simple, easy and JUST what I needed to get rid of that damn, "Scroll for more" bar at the bottom in youtube fullscreen. Thanks all who created this.
  • Very good addon. Does what it is supposed to do.