193 Bewertungen
  • Amazing. Youtube loaded way faster. No configuration at all.
  • usefull
  • Brings back the faster YouTube experience to Firefox! A must-have Firefox add-on
  • GOOD add-on but now this add on is dead :( ..
    fuck youtube loading shit
  • It seems that this add-on doesn't work properly now. When I open youtube today, the layout is collapsed.
  • Sigh!!! :( sadly it seems as though they did something to the classic layout on YouTube's end, now when this extension is enabled or setting the cookie PREF for the classic layout, the video player doesn't display properly. I guess this is how Google plans on forcing people to use the new awful layout, which means YouTube will be slow on every browser except Chrome.
  • Brings me back to classic youtube that load faster.. just wish there was a button for this addon so I could turn it on and off easier.
  • my notification are stuck on 1
    and when i check it it goes back to 1 when i refresh the page even though there is nothing there
  • Works as it should
  • Just works!
  • I like it for what it does, but i´m having trouble with it. It causes a ram leak in the firefox process handling youtube. Perhaps it is a firefox bug, but so far disabling this addon makes the problem go away.
  • This is awesome, thank you! YouTube pages now load almost instantly rather than 5 seconds after they're opened, and comments are displayed in just a few seconds rather than 10-15 seconds (if they even load at all). Everything still works as normal. I see no downside to using this at all, only benefits. A total win.
  • the new verzion i couldnt handle i love the old you tube - wud be nice if ther waz a nightmode (dark screen_