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  • Działa świetnie! Bardzo polecam!
    Dziękuję autorowi za utworzenie tego dodatku
  • I love it very much. It was one of my favorite add-ons. =)
  • Simple, easy and JUST what I needed to get rid of that damn, "Scroll for more" bar at the bottom in youtube fullscreen. Thanks all who created this.
  • Very good addon. Does what it is supposed to do.
  • Great, works as expected. I do however ask for a toggle on the extension that deletes the PREF cookie, so you can easily toggle it on and off without the need for a cookie editor. (UPDATE: It's been done! Thanks, Mirza!)
  • Pretty nice addon, works fine for me. Classic YouTube performs much better on Firefox, I hate the redesign.
  • If this doesn't work for some people, YouTube Classic can still be restored using Greasemonkey and a custom script. There's a video tutorial on YouTube. Do a search and you'll find the guy who made it possible. You'll know you've found the right one if the guy starts off by saying those who don't like his videos are free to leave. The workaround is completely legit and is a guaranteed fix if you follow the instructions. I use Gridtube in conjunction with the hack to restore the layout like you see here in the screenshots for this addon. I sought the patch because YouTube Plus isn't compatible with the new YouTube GUI, but it works fine with this workaround. I haven't used this new addon, but it's probably something similar to the hack of which I'm speaking - just automated.
  • .......v .. . . i i oi
  • This solved my issues with YouTube lagging Firefox constantly for a few months HOWEVER that is no longer the case. Update needed or is Chrome the only way? I want to keep my rating at 5*s but I'll lower it if nothing changes. :(