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  • As of June 11th 2019, this extension no long seems to works!
  • Le doy una estrella porque cuando la quiero desinstalar me deja el youtube clásico y no el normal, por lo que debo volver a instalarlo y desactivarlo.
  • Works fine.. is it different than tampermonket with disabled polymer? Anyways would get 5 stars if had a nice dark mode. Other dark mode add-ons that work with this add-on enabled are slow and buggy.
  • love it, would be even better if you could turn dark mode on...
  • Almost the perfect addon, I just need a little player (400x225 maybe in the botton right) to keep watching the video when I slide the comments.
  • но оно всё равно не пускает в творческую студию из мазилы так что удалил
  • 유튜브 실시간 방송만 보면 뚝뚝 끊기고 난리였는데 ㅅ 발 유튜브 새끼들이 문제였구나 이거 설치하고나서 파폭에서 아무런 문제 안생기네요
  • Thanks. Keep updating please.
  • Do it for Palemoon too, please!
  • In about 5 minutes of use of YouTube with this add-on, I thank you so much for having developed it. YT is clearly faster now, and I'm going to install this add-on to all places I know, starting by my wife's computer, which took forever to load YT.
    THANKS !