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  • EXCUSE ME! it does not bring back the old youtube. thank you very much for understanding. Please respond ASAP

    AND I MEAN IT!!!
  • Thank god you are around! I could not stand the new "update". It was driving me crazy to have to zoom all the way out to get at least 6 thumbnails on my 27 inch screen. And on the laptop I only had 4 by default... It feels like something a 5 year old would use. Will still send more feedback to youtube though, since I would prefer not to have to use any extensions for something as basic as thumbnail size!
  • is it possible to add transparency for cinemae mod(t) there is two bar, left and right side of video, just need to change css code.
  • YouTube just changed the interface to this horrible huge thumbnails in homepage and this just made my day. Thanks.
  • It was a 5 star program when I started using it last month, but the new YouTube update broke it and now it's worthless.
  • It would be EXCELLENT if this extension would have dark mode!
  • Does the job but it is not perfect, especially on 21:9 monitor. Lots of empty space...but it is WAY BETTER than YT new BS...
  • doesnt work with dark mode or have its own dark mode.
  • Thanks!! The last update to YouTube made it so I can only see 3 videos on my massive screen. LOL 3 videos?? This layout is a billion times better.
  • I hate almost all modern websites that become poorly optimized and look like crap. This extension saves the Youtube experience. Plus new Youtube was almost purposely designed to be slow on Firefox so screw Google.
  • Уже не работает. (16.10.2019)
  • Give much more performance on youtube without missing any feature.