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  • EXCUSE ME! it does not bring back the old youtube. thank you very much for understanding. Please respond ASAP

    AND I MEAN IT!!!
  • Thank god you are around! I could not stand the new "update". It was driving me crazy to have to zoom all the way out to get at least 6 thumbnails on my 27 inch screen. And on the laptop I only had 4 by default... It feels like something a 5 year old would use. Will still send more feedback to youtube though, since I would prefer not to have to use any extensions for something as basic as thumbnail size!
  • is it possible to add transparency for cinemae mod(t) there is two bar, left and right side of video, just need to change css code.
  • YouTube just changed the interface to this horrible huge thumbnails in homepage and this just made my day. Thanks.
  • It was a 5 star program when I started using it last month, but the new YouTube update broke it and now it's worthless.
  • An actual lifesaver after that new godawful youtube update
  • It would be EXCELLENT if this extension would have dark mode!
  • Does the job but it is not perfect, especially on 21:9 monitor. Lots of empty space...but it is WAY BETTER than YT new BS...
  • doesnt work with dark mode or have its own dark mode.
  • Thanks!! The last update to YouTube made it so I can only see 3 videos on my massive screen. LOL 3 videos?? This layout is a billion times better.
  • Уже не работает. (16.10.2019)
  • Give much more performance on youtube without missing any feature.