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198 Bewertungen
  • GOOD
  • It's working perfectly, so much faster loading and overall performance of the YouTube site, video quality seems better too. Thank you!
  • This addon, combined with YouTube Enhancer and h264ify, is a must-have for people who spend a lot of time on YT. Great performance boost. If you are using a laptop you can expect longer battery life.
  • danke danke danke thanks thanks thanks!
  • Спасибо! Отлично работает, вернулся нормальный дизайн, работает как в браузере Firefox так и в браузере Waterfox
  • Hey Mirza Brunjadze, great job with this "Restore Classic YouTube!", now PLEASE create a "Restore Yahoo Classic Mail"... (And not the one that "Yahoo" currently lets you switch back to either... That one sucks & isn't the ORIGINAL "Classic Yahoo Mail"...) Thanks, Coleman Foley
  • Works great! Significantly faster, and I haven't missed YouTube's newer more bloated UI. Haven't had any issues using this together with the Enhancer for YouTube extension either.
  • Отлично!
  • Best and loads youtube 5x faster than in chrome
  • Funciona bien, la interfaz clasica es mejor.
  • I think i used this one then i removed it and it still has the classic layout is there any way i can fix this
  • YouTube is so much faster now, thank you for making this.
  • YouTube is a lot faster :)