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First I want to say that this extension needs some work. Right now, it'd be easier for you to just bookmark the Bulk Player webpage for easy access, then drag 'n drop your Youtube video links into the text field on that webpage to easily create your playlist.

This extension does what it says, and pretty well. With one flaw. It pulls up a list of all the videos on the current Youtube page, from a search, related videos, or your subscriptions page, and you select the videos from that list that you wish to add to your Bulk Player playlist. The flaw is that many of those video links, or most in my case, don't have the proper video titles. Instead, it has weird code-looking titles for some videos and some video titles simply say "read more," "hide replies," "show less." I'd literally have to add those videos to the playlist and watch them to see which videos they are. Also, you can filter the Youtube video links in the popup. One interesting option is to filter the links by thumbnails. This would help tremendously, but sadly, it doesn't work.

I wrote up a few suggestions but then I realized the best thing to do is to just fix the title errors and make thumbnails work in the popup. And this addon would be so freakin' awesome. Still, it gets 5 stars from me simply because I needed this so very badly, even if I'm going to be using the webpage instead of the extension.

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Needs an icon for dragging onto a toolbar.

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I spent at least 5 hours searching for something that would allow me to quickly line up my subscription videos on youtube, and put them into a playlist, so I can just let my subscription video's stream while I do other things. This add-on allows you to do exactly that, and more! I haven't come across a single bug yet, it works like a treat! it would be cool if there was an option to detect duplicate video's, however if there ever is any duplicate video's they're from different uploaders. It's not even a big deal, this thing is truly amazing! Would recommend to anyone. I haven't found anything else like it, in all of my searching. Thanks so much to the person that made this! You have made my life so much easier. <3

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Does its job, though not without problems. Many duplicate links show up, even when I try selecting different options under "Show video links:" If this problem was fixed, and perhaps if it would play from youtube so I could get it to play at 720p on default, then it would get 5 stars.

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