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Needs an icon for dragging onto a toolbar.

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I spent at least 5 hours searching for something that would allow me to quickly line up my subscription videos on youtube, and put them into a playlist, so I can just let my subscription video's stream while I do other things. This add-on allows you to do exactly that, and more! I haven't come across a single bug yet, it works like a treat! it would be cool if there was an option to detect duplicate video's, however if there ever is any duplicate video's they're from different uploaders. It's not even a big deal, this thing is truly amazing! Would recommend to anyone. I haven't found anything else like it, in all of my searching. Thanks so much to the person that made this! You have made my life so much easier. <3

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Does its job, though not without problems. Many duplicate links show up, even when I try selecting different options under "Show video links:" If this problem was fixed, and perhaps if it would play from youtube so I could get it to play at 720p on default, then it would get 5 stars.

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