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As much as I liked this, it seems to no longer work...Add-on needs to be updated.

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hello can you make a update because cant watch videos with addon anymore please

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Sorry, neither the standard version, nor the experimental version seem to work on my system: FF 3.6.3 (newest flash version included)

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Great idea, just needs a better looking UI now.
still deserves 5 stars ;-)

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Very usefull, but a bit ugly :)

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Thanks you for this !

Is it possible to add that feature for next release ?
An option to hide/display bars like the option Show search bar.

Five stars anyway.

Merci beaucoup !

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Very nice add-on, exactly what I was looking for.

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I really enjoy using this add on at work so thanks !!

One thing that would help would be the abiltiy to have the ability to switch the location of the screen from top to bottom, is this already possible and I'm just missing it?

Or would it not be possible?

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argh, it removed the xml, let me try again:

look for: Firefox target application

under that look for em:maxVersion and change that number to 3.5.*

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You can make this work in 3.5 by changing the install.rdf file. This file is found in documents and settings\[username]\application data\mozilla\firefox\profiles\[number]\extensions\

Look for:

Under that look for
change the number to 3.5.*

For future versions of Firefox, you can try changing this version number to make firefox think this addon is compatible.

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Please update for FF 3.5

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I found this functioned as stated, but it could do with two improvements. The first is a button that could be added to a toolbar or the All-in-one side bar. The second is the ability to set your own text colour and background on the list.

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it works fine but have problem with All-in-One sidebar addon. When youplayer is playing and other sidebar is choosen, it stop. Please fix it so that even if other sidebar appear, YP will still play.

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Here is developer's response for the update:

about further releases, after I upload a new release it takes about 2 weeks for AMO to check it and make it public. If everything goes well, it will take me 3-4 weeks for new release +2 weeks for AMO, so 5-6 weeks for new release to go public.
Nevertheless, I must admit, I have a lot of problems with new Flash Player 10. As you've probably noticed, YouPlayer works fine with Flash 9, but doesn't work with Flash 10. This is because some security changes were made, and it prevents YouPlayer to play videos and control the player. I've been trying to make it work for 2 weeks now, with no success, and I'm starting to run out of ideas. Unless I make it work, making a new release is pointless. I'll keep you updated on how it is going, and I hope it will be good news.
Wojciech Walewski

Such message is better to be put in the addon description so that everyone knows what's going on and there may be someone has idea on how to solve the problem.

Otherwise, the comment page will soon be flooded with 1-star reviews... :/

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I used this a lot. Last month, something changed (YouTube?) and YP does not download anything anymore. So, now it is useless. So now I uninstalled it.

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Does not work as advertised. Poor at showing vids, does not download them (only iconically)

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Someone get the source code and fix this up so it works.

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YP Cant download jackshi!

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Loved it... once again

But since a half year, the alternative player doesn't play any vids. Without loop for the playlist, this addon is useless. :(