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Worse than useless! I've used Yahoo Toolbar for years, but every time Firefox auto-updated itself I lost all my saved bookmakes and settings. There is no Yahoo Toolbar Help FAQs on Yahoo Help, nor any way to contact Yahoo about it. There is no way it seems now of actually contacting Moxzilla either. Blogs, FAQs and Forums are a waste of time and a fob-off. I just disabled and reinstalled Yahoo Toolbar and like others now there are no buttons at all any more apart from Yahoo Mail, and no editing/refresh wheel, so nothing can be done.
So this toolbar is now completely defunct. Both Yahoo and Mozilla should be put up against a wall and shot for this. How can too large organisations be so useless? How can they not talk to each other and make things work like other organisations do?
I want my old Yahoo Toolbar back, only in working fashion. That means they have to consult with each other. Yahoo must invest in time and manpower to make sure it works, and continue to do so on an ongoing basis. It is a means of drawing people to Yahoo (when it operates as intended) and retaining them as users. This failed Toolbar, this non-functioning waste of time (26 May, 2015) now does the opposite. I've been with Yahoo since 2000 but it keeps giving me reasons to use something else.
And Mozilla has no business updating itself while in the process it ruins Add-Ons for users.
Or lose me for good. Utterly digusted!

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Used to be great. Now all you get is the mail button. Don't bother. I uninstalled. Change it back!!!

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All your saved sites disappear except one -- email. And you can't seem to get any of them back. The "gear wheel" for editing the toolbar is gone too.

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ZERO rating too. I work from home and had all my business-related pages set up on this toolbar for easy access and now they're gone. I've spent wasted hours researching how to get them back to no avail. Is Firefox going to reimburse me for my time??? Now I'm considering using a different browser after all these years. Shame on you Firefox.

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O stars. What happened to my toolbar? First I lose a number of icons. Now I have only one icon, mail, and seemingly no way to restore my missing icons. I have uninstalled and tried to reinstall. I have just spent two hours trying to fix something that should have been left alone. I am about ready to go find another browser to work with. I am not happy!

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Please bring back the older toolbar !

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Now that this has been updated everything is now missing! I've spent hours trying to figure out what happened and it looks like you created a problem that was not there in the first place. This is a horrendous, time consuming screw-up on your part! Like others, if I could give 0 stars I would.

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fowl,totally fowl.

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I WOULDN'T GIVE IT A STAR, BUT YOUR REVIEW REQUIRES AT LEAST ONE. What in god's name did you all do? I had a great toolbar. Could easily customize it for exactly what I needed. Now nothing works, all my buttons went to default and then quit working altogether.

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If there was a way to click 0 stars I would. I cannot believe that my toolbar has been wiped clean of my bookmarks. What a gross oversight in your programming & testing! Un-freaking-believable!!!!!!!!! Ever hear the term "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"??? Why couldn't you have just left well enough alone! UGH! I'm so disgusted right now.

What did they do to this old friend!!!!!! Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

I lOVED this Firefox add on... but now it does not work!!!!!!!!!

It NEVER REMEMBERS MY BUTTONS..... It goes back to the default Yahoo buttons every single time....... don't waste your time on it.... I hope they fix this..... Yahoo will blame Firefox.... and visa versa.....

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When will they get this toolbar right. Nothing but mail button. I used to have loads of buttons on it till the last 2 updates. It just get worse with each update. Please sort it out soon.

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Please fix Yahoo! Toolbar on Firefox. I will have to use a different browser otherwise since my bookmarks are only accessible through the Yahoo! Toolbar. Used to be able to log on to Yahoo! Bookmarks website to access them but they stopped access through anything but the toolbar about a year ago.

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Im trying to figure out why I only have a mail button on my yahoo toolbar???

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This is a bit unfair to put 1/5 for the add-on as it doesn't work anymore, but this is due to Firefox updating and not being compatible with the toolbar.
This has been going on for a few months now and is just not acceptable, yeah yeah non-profit making organisation... No more donantions from me for the moment.
PLEASE sort this out, I lost ALL my bookmarks but had them saved on another browser, so unlike some am not totally lost.

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I lost this several weeks ago.... all my book marks were in it, now where is it at fix this please and i will give you a 5 star rating but right now i give u a 1 but i wish i could go lower to a -10 instead \....i also just updated firefox thinking oh it might help, but nope it didnt

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Had I known the Yahoo Toolbar would disappear when upgrading Firefox yesterday I would have never done it. When I tried --stupidly-- several times to download it froze up. Also gave me some kind of "Yahoo connection" problem. What a royal pain. I also relayed my sentiments to Yahoo.

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Prior to this update of Firefox the toolbar has always worked for me. For some reason the toolbar "reset" and now I have no bookmarks. Ive tried to re-establish what I had before, but Firefox freezes and doesnt respond. This is a helpful tool that I utilize every time I use my computer. Like others that have stated either it was useful (past tense) or was never any help, now, I have to agree that it S U C K S! I like it and have gotten used to it. It helps make things efficient for me when using the computer, now I have to go and find something else to use... It is my opinion that it wont be an easy attempt at finding a "replacement". Thanks for putting a crimp in my daily routine :-/

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This toolbar still causes Firefox to freeze. I have had to keep it disabled for probably a year now. I just tried the latest version and still no luck. I'm used to using the regular bookmarks toolbar now for quick access to my favorite sites, but it would be nice if Yahoo toolbar would work again so I could be notified when new email shows up.

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I HATE this toolbar.. I wish google would come back!!!! Google is way easier to get an answer quickly... yahoo search engine SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!