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I've used this add-on for years. It's truly great. The ability to go back in history and find a missing folder of bookmarks has saved my butt numerous times.

Having interacted quite a bit with the development team (to get help on issues), my sense is that this seemingly simple task is rather complicated. For example, the sister version "Xmarks for Safari" had several persistent flaws that only recently have been resolved. Net, it really does help to stay current with the latest version.

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Xmarks is Freezing Firefox Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

I've been a big fan of Xmarks for a long time. I've relied on it for syncing my bookmarks between 3 browsers. When Firefox 11.0 was released, Xmarks started causing Firefox to freeze EVERY time I did a manual update. I have uninstalled all other extensions to isolate this issue. Each time I re-install Xmarks and attempt to do a manual sync, Firefox freezes part way through the sync process. I cannot use Firefox now when Xmarks is installed.

This needs to be fixed. Submitting this issue on the Get Satisfaction Forum used by Xmarks is totally useless. Hopefully, the developer will read this and respond.

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