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Original date of review: August 12, 2013

A few days before I've updated my Firefox from release 3.6.* to 23.
I had similar issue like other users noticed in comments section: slow continuing synchronization with hanging of Firefox.

I've updated manually to the latest 4.2.3 unverified release of Xmarks and the issue didn't resolve.
Than I've decided to start from scratch: backed up my favorites just in case, I've uninstalled release 23 with user profile (all settings) and installed release 25 from Aurora (alpha) channel, then installed Xmarks 4.2.3.
My 1500 bookmarks and a journal for several years have downloaded from Xmarks server to Firefox and now everything is syncing fine for me.

I didn't have any chance to go deeper to find out the root cause of the issue.
I suggest for users experiencing the issue to make forced rewrite of bookmarks in Firefox from Xmarks using corresponding option from Xmarks settings. If it doesn't help, then try to make this manually by deleting favorites, journal, Xmarks add-on with its settings (only for advanced users: you should edit prefs.js in profile) or by wiping every add-on settings by corresponding option in Firefox recovery. This will look like you're installing Xmarks for the first time and everything will be downloaded from their servers. Don't forget to make a back-up.
Also you can try to check the logs of Xmarks sync but I've not tried and I'm not sure you'll find something helpful there but it can be useful if you'll try to reach their support.

Also, don't follow the example of upgrading to Aurora channel, this is just my choice. I'm almost sure that you can get it work with current release without upgrading to Aurora channel, this isn't an option for a regular user unless you want to become a tester or live on a "bleeding edge". Usually things doesn't fixing by upgrading to alpha but breaks a lot instead.

As I noticed before I've a lot of bookmarks and huge journal so the Xmarks for me is the only option because sometimes I need to use all this stuff on other computers with Firefox or in other supported by Xmarks browsers or just to find my bookmarks in web-interface or from the cell phone, so the Firefox Sync isn't an option for me. Browsing of remote tabs is a great feature too! And I'm syncing more than 300 passwords and secure notes by using the LastPass.
Of course I have a premium subscription in bundle for LastPass and Xmarks for $20/y, I can't even imagine how others deal with their web-browser stuff, because I can't live in web without these great services.
Bad part that it's not an open source and you can't use raise your own server to use these services as much as it's supported by Xmarks servers with no option for LastPass at all. I don't like to provide all my data to third-party side.

As I'm the very advanced user I've never been stuck with the issue of loosing my bookmarks for a few years. Sometimes after some Firefox updates it was not working at all but there were no loosing of data for me.
So please consider my excellent experience of long-time usage with huge amount of data.

If you don't have time or knowledge to read the logs and to identify the root cause just start from the scratch. You should ask support only in cases when reinstallation doesn't help or you can't start from scratch or you have found the root cause of the issue.

Of course you shouldn't give 1-star review for this great add-on just because of the reason you can't get with your own PC.
It's impossible to write 100% robust applications.
Firefox is a very complicated web-browser (much more complicated than Chromium), with great ability of famous flexibility you can get a lot of issues and problems. You should be an advanced user to deal with it. This is not a question of quality of extensions, especially for such complicated extensions.
Try Chrome or Internet Explorer instead if you don't know how computers work.

Updating my review:
One more time about hanging of Firefox because of Xmarks sync.
On another computer is the same issue with hanging of Xmarks 4.2.1. Also, I've tried to restart a Firefox and some bookmarks were disappeared.
The cure is: remove Xmarks extension, shutdown Firefox, remove Xmarks extension settings from prefs.js Firefox settings file. Now you can upgrade to the latest 4.2.3 (as of 2-SEP-2013), installation will be looks like from scratch. Don't forget to discard all bookmarks from your Firefox, but select to use server bookmarks. All procedure took 5 minutes for me, no bookmarks lost, painless.

Resolution: buy a Mac if you don't get how to deal with computers, use paid support. And don't place angry reviews if you can't fix your computer.

Updating my review: 17 December 2013

Since that time I've already updated to Xmarks 4.2.4 and Firefox 27, no issues, Firefox 26 (the only available release now) is OK too.

Updating my review: 6th June 2014

No issues on Firefox 29 and even nightly builds of Firefox 31. Remember to use latest versions of Xmarks which can be found under "Version Information -> See complete version history", currently 4.3.1 is available there which was released a year after latest version 4.2.1 reviewed by Mozilla (under big green button "Add to Firefox").

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