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Simple Times

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Wrinkly Peach

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Smooth Wooden

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Wrinkly Peach is Peachy! More tan/woodtone than peach.

I prefer simple theme backgrounds that leave the text on my search bars, buttons, url, etc. clearly legible and which do not contribute to already busy Firefox tool and bookmark bars. This theme as well as plain Wrinkly Peach meet that need and blend especially well with my Dark Green Linux Mint Title Bar color. Together they create a very natural wood tone and green palette that is easy on the eyes and remains in the background as a good theme should. Great work. Not sure why creator decided to call these two themes ***** Peach because they are more a tan, wood tone color to me than peach and I suspect more people might be using them if they were not put off by the name thinking the color would be actual peach.

Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen von markas am March 11, 2016

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