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The idea behind Web of Trust is a good one. Sadly, it has been taken over by political operatives on the right and left as well as people trying to improve their site's rank. Sites that have low reputations shouldn't and vice-versa. Complaints to the Web of Trust folks go unanswered and don't seem to care their service is being abused. Web of Trust even encourages you to tell your blog or web readers to improve your site's ranking. That, predictably, has back-fired as website owners also tell their web readers to lower another site's ranking even if it doesn't deserve it. Web of Trust has now become a popularity contest instead of its intended purpose. Unfortunately, you can no longer trust the Web of Trust. It's like a spam site tricking Google into improving its page rank. Great idea, now being abused. Use Norton Safe Web which actually probes a site to make sure it's a safe site for browsing.

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re: too political

Thanks for your review. As stated in our rating guidelines ( if one considers website's content to be untrustworthy it is a valid reason to rate site poorly in the trustworthiness component (1st rating component). Politics is controversial topic in our normal lives and that is true also in Web of Trust. Note that WOT reputation ratings simply show how much Web of Trust users trust a certain website. If you disagree with a rating please rate it yourself and thus let your voice be heard.

WOT is built on the idea that the more user ratings a website has the more accurate is the site's WOT reputation rating. That is why we recommend users to ask also their friends to rate a website if they feel it is misrated. Sounds like it is easy to manipulate WOT ratings? Not true. We designed the reputation system to be as fair as possible and very resistant to manipulation. Please read more about this topic here: