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I like the idea but the possibilities of abuse are too high. Instead of rating just comments would be much saver. Or, like here, a comment is required for leaving a reputation. I miss an option for just leaving comments in the add-on. However, I just write and read comments cause this is way harder to abuse than voting good/bad.

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WOT is based on a secret ballot, which makes sure nobody is intimidated by others to rate in a certain way, and people are not afraid to rate controversial sites that they otherwise wouldn't even want to admit visiting. You can learn more here:

Note that our rating system is meritocratic and was designed to be resistant to abuse. Just because someone disagrees with a website's reputation, it doesn't mean the majority of people are wrong. You can read more about this here:

We feel textual comments can be misleading. It's nearly impossible to tell if a comment can be trusted, and the writers almost always have an agenda. Most often people appear to use comments to simply seek confirmation for their existing opinions. You can read more about the problems with comments here:

However, since a lot people do prefer to read comments despite the potential issues, we do have plans to make it more easier to leave them in future. Thank you for the suggestion.