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Idea with community ratings without moderating control over it is awful itself. Realization from myWOT is even worse. Site owners can't really do a lot if they suspect false ratings. Porn sites especially with FREE content often have green ratings. Says a lot about community. Ratings are sold on! Companies can't lawsuit user suspected in defamation because he is anonymous.

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Our rating system has been designed to be very resistant to manipulation, and ratings are not considered equally reliable. You can learn more from our FAQ:

Among other things, this means that buying ratings from a scam artist purporting to sell them on or other microwork sites has no effect on a website's reputation, as these types of attacks are easily detected and ignored. You can learn more from this blog posting:

What comes to adult websites, despite moral complaints some may have, there are plenty of reliable and very popular adult sites that deserve their good rating in all other rating components except child safety, of course.

Finally, if you are a site owner, there's quite a bit you can do if you feel your site has been rated unfairly. You should start here:

If you suspect there's something unusual going on with your site's reputation, you can also contact us directly and we will be happy to investigate. However, the reputations are determined by other people, and there's nothing we can do if they don't find your site trustworthy.