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This addon was someone's attempt at something similar to McAfee's Site Advisor but, WOT just does not work like that.

WOT shows ratings based on user input and I must say that there are a lot of Low (or RED) Ratings based on low user input and this can actually influence people into steering away from a possibly good site.

These types of ratings are not always a good thing... it is only as good as the people who rate it.
As much as we would like for ALL people to be honest and trustworthy, that just isn't the reality of life.

All is takes is someone to see a site that millions might like, is a good, reliable, and trustworthy site but based on "personal" opinion or beliefs, someone could easily manipulate it to the RED.

I do a lot of searches for parts and information on computers and I have seen numerous known Good Sites rated in the Red because - for the most part - there may not be enough actual WOT Visitors to these sites to rate them appropriately.
I am also an E-Cigarette user and have seen numerous Reliable and Trustworthy vendors rated RED.

In order for it to really be a good addon, it should base site ratings on not only user input but on actual "threat" ratings from AntiMalware sites like SOPHOS, NSS Labs, Trend, or McAfee.

When users see RED sites solely based on what others have said, a lot of the time it is because there have not been enough visitors and thus, gives otherwise False Positives based on low user input.

WOT is a good Addon otherwise but could be better and have fewer false RED's.

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (20120926.1-signed) abgegeben. 

WOT was actually developed before SiteAdvisor, and our focus has never been solely on technical security, unlike everyone else's. There are a huge number of scams on the web that cannot be detected by computers, only by real people. This is why we don't only tell you if a website is safe to visit, we tell you how much other people trust the site.

What comes to your concerns, our rating system was designed to be very resistant to manipulation from the beginning. You can learn more here:

We also tell you how reliable we consider the reputation using a confidence indicator. The more small human figures there are next to the reputation, the more reliable we consider it. The add-on also won't warn you if the confidence for the reputation is too low.

Finally, if you find a website whose reputation you believe to be unfair, you should rate the site yourself. If you are the owner of the website, here's what you can do:

Note to readers: WOT is not a replacement for antivirus software, which works at the operating system level and protects you from known malware. However, the antivirus software will also happily let you fall for any scam on the web without ever warning you. The WOT add-on complements other security software by warning you about threats that only other people can detect. Knowing whether others trust a website can help you make better decisions while browsing the web.