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Questionable rating system and lot's of angry site owners don't convince me. I avoid WOT.

Use brain.exe instead. ;o)

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There is nothing questionable about our rating system, but since we actually warn people about sites that others don't trust, such as pyramid schemes, rogue pharmacies, sites pushing shady alternative medicine etc., there are thousands of unhappy site owners, or victims of various scams, who feel the need to leave bad reviews about us when their site has been rated poorly, especially if the reputation is perfectly deserved. You can learn more here:

In fact, should you be one of these site owners and feel your website has been rated unfairly, here's what you can do:

Of course, if you are familiar with every website in the world, you obviously don't need WOT. Unfortunately, most people are not, in which case learning how much others trust the sites they don't already know is rather useful for them.