Unfair system, negative rates in mass Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

It's ill if you have to become a member of WOT only to get rid of a discredits, written by a members who rate thousands of sites red without visiting and analyzing all of them. It seems to be the common practice to rate without knowing much about a site. I don't know why they do so but it's definitely a fact that many members rate thousands of sites bad. Perhaps they do so to get more might in rating. I know a lot of victims of WOT. I suggest to look at the members, look how many sites was rated bad (mostly 100%), think about how many sites of them the member really could have analyzed or visited at least. I know of ratings without visiting the victims site. What do you think about if you still can't get rid of a wrong bad rate of a power member after a lot of normal users rated positive for your site, because the single rate of the power member got much more weight!?

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (20120926.1-signed) abgegeben. 

It sounds like your website was rated poorly after it appeared on either a malware or a spam blacklist, and you posted on our forum and requested a review from our users. We cannot tell which website or forum thread you are referring to, but it does sound like some of the people who reviewed your site found further issues, which they felt you should correct before they found the site trustworthy.

Reputations work similarly to real life. If you lose someone's trust, it's going to require some effort to gain it back. Since the reputation is determined by other people, it's also important to remain polite, because being rude or insulting them probably won't inspire much trust. You can learn more about the review process here:


However, requesting reviews on the forum is perfectly optional. It merely allows you to speed up the process of improving your site's reputation after a security compromise, for example, but will also expose your site to closer scrutiny by people who may be very strict about privacy and safety. Old ratings for a website do expire over time and new ratings are therefore considered more reliable. This means that over time, the reputation will also improve naturally when people who use your site share their opinions.

Finally, please note that even though it might seem like it, the people who have written comments for your site are not the only ones who have rated it. There are typically ~10x more ratings for any given site than there are comments, and the reputation is based on ratings alone. You can learn more here: