You can't have it both ways Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

Klunky and overwrought with drama. Seriously, this might be okay for people with kids or people who are completely clueless, but for the rest of us it just slows down browsing. There are so many other tools out there that show nasty web sites according to professionals. This could be a good add-on with some professional guidance, but the way it stands? It just slows down regular users. And no matter what they say, it WILL slow down your browser. Recommended for young kids and the elderly only. And the truly clueless.

Edit to respond to WOT services:
You claim that your users are the ones who determine a site's reliability on one hand and that their subjective "experience" is what determines your rating. On the other hand, you state that your system is resistant to abuse, when it's clearly not as indicated by your first statement. Can't have it both ways.

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WOT is not about technical safety alone, it tells you how much people trust websites. While we also use data from security professionals, they cannot tell you whether a web shop is reliable, for example, because they don't have experience with the site. However, the average person who's had experience with the shop has much more useful information about the site's reliability. You can learn more from our wiki FAQ: