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dear ASANO, Thank you so much for your nice quick answer.
when i read your reply i decide to found which add-on installed has conflict with "Work Offline".
i installed new fressh Firefox on my another computer that did not have any Mozilla applications installed before on it.
then installed Work Offline as first add-on.
then other my lovely add-ons one by one. step by step check "Work Offline" feature discussed about it.
but i found nothing.
I think now it is a feature by Firefox by own itself.
Now i found that can move "Work Offline 2.0" icon on Add-On bar just to bottom left corner of Firefox and bottom right corner.
also after other last add-ons icons inside Add-On bar.
you know?
also i can move "Work Offline" icon to everywhere in Navigation Toolbar.

it is not so important to me that can't move to each place i want in Add-On bar.
be comfort. take it easy.
all users like me just want its main feature from "Work Offline"
that they want an icon to make Firefox go to Offline or Online mode without using Firefox File menu.

I Love it.
thank you again for your time to write and develop this nice Add-On on lovely Firefox.

take it easy and continue.

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there is a problem with Work Offline 2.0 Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

as someone below said i want to confirm that there is a problem or bug around "Work Offline 2.0" with Firefox.
I'm using Firefox 12,13,14 Final versions.
but first i installed "Work Offline 2.0" i couldn't see its icon on Firefox statusbar (add-on bar"

so i went to your troubleshooting Guide on your website and read it.
i notice i must chose "Work Offline" icon by customizing toolbar.
so i added it and anything is OK.
but there is a problem.
i can't replace work offline icon in firefox's statusbar (add-on bar" while by "Work Offline 1.6" i could do it easily without any problem.

so i decided to get back and use old version of "Work Offline 1.6"
please solve this issue in "Work Offline 2.0" and update it.

Thank You so much for this Add-on.
I love it.

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Thank you for using my extension!
I know the problem and the problem is caused by add-on conflict,
but I can't find which add-on is in conflict with Work Offline.
Do you find the add-on?
And if you have some problem in your profile, the extension may not work properly.
Try creating a new profile and installing this extension.

please put offline button on Firefox Toolbar Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

please give its capability to a button on Firefox Toolbar.i need this button for offline similar to this offline button on status bar on my Firefox Toolbar too.please make an offline button with similar capability on toolbar.please we're waiting for this button.


I'm now editing this my post.
in fact i found it on your Troubleshooting guide on your own website.
you suggest for this feature we use "Toolbar Buttons"
i found it.
thanks for your troubleshooting.
anyway it must be simpler if you give this button seperatly installed not by toolbar buttons package.

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