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Version 2.1 48.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 1.0 - 2.0

v Implement search engine update check with server (checks every ~14 days from within the options screen only).
v Create a backup page/system for when my server fails, or for when I am moving (~end of august).
v Add option to hide the Search button.
v Add "Clear search history" item to the right click context menu.
v Bugfix: Check small/large/text+icon/text/icon toolbar problems.
v Bugfix: Resizable searchbox was not resizable on some toolbar configurations, thanks Peter R. (v2.0.1).
v Bugfix: Replace spaces with + to fix malfunctioning on sites like, thanks ericrose (v2.0.2)
v (Server side fixed) Implement "Top 50 most selected" search engines.
v (Server side fixed) Bugfix with short locale serverside translations (you got en-US if you opened WSPro being hu-HU, but you got a big fat error if you opened the page with hu, thanks Daelon for notifying me!

Version 2.0 45.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 1.0 - 1.5.0.*

v Add custom ordering of search engines option.
v Add a "Search/Go" button to start the search.
v Option: Open results in new tab/current window.
v Add a Tools menu option to Focus the search toolbar/open the Search Dialog.
v Per Search Engine Keyboard shortcuts (added "only" A-Z)
v Added editable labels for search engines.
v Made the search query box resizable.
v Option to automaticly clear search bar after a search.
v Check search engines shortcut icon header additionally to the base URI + favicon.* method.
v Remove Cancel button from the options screen.
v Mouseless search appears not to work anymore (e.g. select text, press CTRL+SHIFT+O, focus is set to toolbar, but no search is initiated). (Also works for inputs etc. now)
v Sort engines by name, and not grouped by type anymore. (Fixed server-side)
v Select all text in the search textbox on focus.
v Automaticly apply all changes in the options screen on close.
v Bugfix: After you have unchecked a search engine in the options screen, while having it selected as current in the toolbar. It will stay there. Should be reset to first.
v Bugfix: force favicons to appear within the max. size.
v Bugfix: Toolbar max-height was causing all other items to shrink.

Version 1.65 41.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 1.0 - 1.5.0.*

v Fix filtering/selected search engines problems.
v Fix Google hl parameter for current language, sometimes google seems to want full locale (en-US) and sometimes only short version (en) works. Fix is that both are passed. Works better than how Firefox default Web Search handles it...
v Start a search when text is dropped or pasted in the toolbar.
v Add option to hide default Firefox Web Search things (toolbar, tools menuitem, and context menu item).
v Add feature to scroll through your search engines using the mouse (when the mouse is over the search textbox), or with CTRL + Up/CTRL + Down keys.

@reviewers: Sorry for a 2nd update before approval.

Version 1.6 39.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 1.0 - 1.5.0.*

- Renamed Movies and Music Search to Web Search Pro.
- Added unlimited 'Other' search engine usage.
- Added Google, Yahoo, eBay,, Creative Commons, and to the list of standard search engines.
- Added Search through a dialog (Just as Ff has in 1.5)
- Added Make a suggestion feature to suggest search engines that are not yet on my list.
- Dynamic retrieve of official search engine's favicon.
- Added hotkey (default CTRL+SHIFT+O) for Non-Movie or Music Search engines.
- Some small bugfixes/speed issues.
- Added es-AR, sk-SK, and pt-PT translations from
- Some new graphics by LX from

Version 1.56 21.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 1.0 - 1.5.0.*

- Added tr-TR translation by Batuhan Cetin.
- Tested for compatibility with 1.5 RC1.

Version 1.55 20.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 1.0 - 1.4.1

v Made compatible with Firefox 1.4.1 (1.5 beta 2).
v Completed es-ES translation by Chuzo from
v Fixed problem (read: stupid typo) with the free search engine feature.
v Set Movies as default option in the free search engine options (instead of Music).

Version 1.5 19.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 1.0 - 1.0+

v Added search.
v Added customizable shortcut keys.
v Added "Add your own search engine".
v Some new/updated icons.
v Added lots of translations.
v Removed updateurl to comply with new Mozilla policy.
v Removed Mozilla Suite support.
v Cleaned up.

Version 1.41 13.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 1.0 - 1.0+

- Start a search when selecting a search engine from the toolbar, and text was already typed.
- Tested compatibility with Deer Park Alpha.

Version 1.4 12.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 1.0 - 1.0.3

Version 1.3 9.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 1.0 - 1.0.3

- Added Option screen.
- Added Yahoo and MSN Movies and Music Search (optional).
- Implemented Dutch language.
- Context menu now also apears over links, and inputs (text).
- Made a lot smaller.

Version 1.2 16.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 1.0 - 1.0.3

- Cleaned up install.rdf/js
- Fixed bug with selected text that stayed in memory.

Version 1.1 16.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 1.0 - 1.0

Fixed some problems with Firefox 1.0.3 and added context search in input (text) fields.