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  • login for thx for great work
  • Works just fine and does everything it aims to.
  • crashes
  • Not working. It crashes. The extension has not been update since 2 years.
  • Very unhappy. I depend on my touch writing tool for school and this is very inconvenient to have this crash on me with this browser. It makes me want to go back to Edge where the tool is built into the browser. BEYOND frustrated. Fix this bug so we can use this or Firefox needs to make a standard writing touch tool like Edge does! UGH!
  • it does exactly what is says great extension
  • Works nice in mobile also.
  • Doesn't work at all
  • Not working on FF Version 61.0.1 (64-bit), installed with a wet paint icon but cannot do anything, would like to have this.
    Finally get it to work but sluggish and cannot change color of pen, will be great if you can program it to use Surface pen eraser
  • Tried to open it but immediately crashed and now will not open.
  • Great and very useful tool, can you make it work on firefox pages (eg add-on reviews-click and it doesnt even show the menu)?

    FF is SO annoying blocking its authorised extensions from its own pages!!!!

    Give us a link on your download page to spam bugzilla about this nonsense!

    Feature request - would be great if each tool remembered it's last setting? (colour, size, transparency)
  • Usually works awesome, just a few small bugs.
  • This extension is great, but there is only one thing that should be add, a X button to close the tool bar
  • pen coords trouble.
  • There's one major issue I have with this plug-in: the cursor off-set on main tool.
    Using this with an active digitizer pen / touchscreen makes the whole thing unusable.

    For me the main drawing tool (pencil) draws about 20 pixels below where I draw with the actual digitizer pen or have my actual browser's cursor (can be seen via "Show location of pointed when I press CTRL key").
    Strangely enough, line tools work perfectly and have no offset. For mouse users this is probably not a noticeable issue, but for digital pen users this pretty much ruins the whole thing.

    Also sampling tool doesn't work correctly and eraser tool is offset as well.

    Regardless I'm giving this app 4/5 because this is not an issue for many users and because it's just a bit short from being the #1 notes app for digitizers. Hopefully developers will fix offset issues. I'll change to five stars if main tool's cursor offset is fixed.
  • Great work. Color picker is not working. Also, it is triggering the permissions to read canvas on each page. Can we possibly live without trying to read the canvas? The extension seems to work well without.
  • Awesome extension, works as intended! For future updates could you please add different eraser sizes and a mouse cursor graphic to the eraser, it can be hard to find the eraser cursor sometimes, also make it so that when you click on the extension button you revert back to your normal web browser mouse pointer? Thanks in advance!
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