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  • Can't select more than 1 pics..
  • Could someone please see what's happening with this extension? There are times when I need to reinstall it because it is simply no longer available when I open Firefox and has times when it crashes with the screen blank.
  • It is currently the best add-on / extension / plugin for using Instagram in Firefox on desktop.
    Although the interface is pop-up, it has many features and perfectly simulates the Instagram of the mobile phone on the desktop.
    You can post photos and navigate like on your phone using the Instagram navigation bar.
  • Хорошее приложение. Удобное
  • I would love to see onscreen buttons for scrolling up/down because the DM page is bugged and can't be scrolled form PC
  • I'd give this add-on 5 stars if you could just paste an image to post it instead of (or rather in addition to) load it from an image file.
  • Please Optimize your app and upgrade direct messages!
  • Amazing & useful add-on!
  • Sirve muy bien. Se pueden subir historias de forma sencilla y no le veo problemas.
  • Testé avec Firefox 66.0.3 OSX 10.11.6. l'extension ouvre juste une espèce de fenêtre publicitaire incompréhensible, aucune amélioration de l'accès à Instagram.
    Tried with Ffox 66.0.3 / osX 10.11.6, doesn't work, just a pop up with ads. Nothing more in instagram.
  • Garbage
  • The extension doesnt open
  • not working. look : http://prntscr.com/mr1ii3
  • OK, but no way to make a multi photo carousel post.