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An AddOn for 'current (viral) threat of the internet.

And how paranoid are YOU feeling today?

First, I'm on a Mac, and, while I've been to - and go to - many 'questionable' sights, in ALL my years (MANY) I've NEVER had ONE; virus, malware, Trojan, etc.

While NO OS is immune, PC's and 'windoze' machines ARE MUCH more susceptible.

BUT...even then, if you've COMMON SENSE, and good software, you can minimise - almost eliminate - the threat of getting something bad.

Such common sense things as:

• NEVER opening ANYTHING from an unknown sender
• Use good virus protection software (but, WITHOUT UPDATING it, it's USELESS)
• NEVER get, nor open things (software, movies, etc) from untrusted sites, and/or sources (i.e. torrents) - unless you KNOW what you're doing

Saying all that, this AddOn really doesn't do much for the average user.

You DON'T (or, actually, SHOULDN'T) need an AddOn that is like some 'DefCon-like thing for viruses (it actually reminds me of that idiotic 'color' code Bush 2 had after 9/11; 'good afternoon ladies and gentleman, the weather today's fine, and the threat level is magenta...'

What you SHOULD do is always - ALWAYS - STAY ON YOUR TOES - be alert.

I don't mean to knock Serevinus. I'm sure he made it with the best intentions (I really do mean that), but, the only thing that'll protect you is how YOU act on the internet.