how to get into hints mode? Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

i heard great things about this. i looked in custom menu for all shortcuts and everything but can't get into "hint mode" :(

Edit Jan 19, 2014:
I'm using ff 26

i figured it out, you had to press the hotkey for links, took so long to figure. maybe you can make that clear or in a "get started" guide, because i was trying to get into hint mode for long time.

also i press shift+? a lot but when that pops up, if i press down or up arrow to scroll it scrolls document in window, please make it scroll the hint panel when it is open.

also another thing, when changing hotkeys, it doesn't tell you if the new hotkey i set is conflicting.

i also don't understand multi key shortcuts. like what does the hypen mean? example: 'a,c-F' like what does that mean.

i think we need to make a quick guide that tells you more. like after experimention i relaized that like for next tab K and gT are seperated so it means there are two hotkeys.

can you please also help me on this site:
when navigate to the search bar and type ignore, then it pops up hints, i want to select those links but i cant use tab, or vim as vims not active when focused, please help.

i really like this addon and increase my rating to four stars. i really appreciate the developers reply to such a newbie to try to help out so i want o give 4.5 stars.

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What Firefox version are you running?