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  • need for firefox quantum
  • I hope in a future update for Quantum :V
  • Still upgrading please, I want to help it
  • Do you plan on updating this add-on to support WEB EXTENSIONS for the up and coming Firefox version's.

    It would be real sad to see this add-on Disappear it has to be the most amazing add-on available for Firefox and I love it...

    Please do not let this add-on Die i beg you....

    Thank you in advance...
  • If you create or rename a viewmark folder, consider that the first (how many?) characters should be different from other folders.
    Otherwise the new or old folder "vanishes" but viewmarks keep falling into it and vanish as well.
    This is a bad trap in FF64, FF32 was not tested.
    Rename the first characters of the visible folder and the other one will reappear, anyhow in my case it did.
    Good luck!
    Some errors occurred with Firefox 32bit mixed with 64bit. Check if you got two windows versions in the \Program Files (x86) folder and the \Program Files folder. Firefox itself does not show you if it is a 32 or 64 bit version.
    It is also possible that Add-Ons keep using 32bit folders after you switched to 64bit Firefox. Best is to save your bookmarks and tabs, uninstall Firefox with Revo or similar, delete the Program File folders, clean the registry and reinstall only one Firefox version and all plugins and all Add-Ons (from scratch).
    I think Mozilla is responsible for these errors and Michael Koch is not.
  • Good addon. Used for years.
    Unfortunately it doesn't add viemarks and doesn't create thumbnails (thus sometimes it create many extra copies of bookmarks when you push miltiple times on 'add bokmarks' button which doesn't work). Tried on fresh installed x64 Firefox version, then on x32 version. Works correctly only on x32 Firefox version. Sinse this addon is essential for me I had to return to x32 Firefox :-\

    PLEASE UPDATE for x64 Firefox.

    Another suggestions:

    1. Add option to automatically create thumbnail from images on the page like Opera Next bookmark system. (When you add bookmark it shows you first big image from the page. You can just accept it, or maginfy, move it, crop, etc, or select one of the next images on the page by pushing left-right arrow buttons in bookmark create dialogue.)
    2. Sometimes images on a page are not too big for thumbnail so please add more magnify levels ('+' button when chreate thumbnail).
  • I assume that I'm not the only one who as found that this great addon as now been disabled by Firefox. Any idea about when its likely to be enabled?
  • Why it doesn't load thumbnails automatically? I have to do it manually?
  • Pointless.
  • Same problems still persists such as screenshot not saving, dialog not closing when clicking on the OK button. Additional is that somehow it stops saving bookmarks to my subfolders or that it does not save bookmarks when viewmarks is open. This add-on is very good were it not for those I mentioned above.
  • Why is this still a thing is beyond me. As for the extension, I miss the option to fetch thumbnails for a specific folder. As it is now for my one thousand bookmarks it will take ViewMarks a week to fetch most of the thumbnails.
  • No longer saves screenshot, and doesn't close dialogue.

    I have created a fixed version but need to get it signed. Will post a link here once it's officially signed.
  • This has been one of my absolute favourite add-ons until a week or two ago, when it started not saving the screenshot thumbnail. It is shown in the save dialogue, but when I click OK, the dialogue doesn't disappear as it should, the bookmark is saved, however, but it has no picture, only an annoying blue placeholder globe representing... the internet, I guess. I don't remember updating either the browser or the plug-in (were any of those updated?), I might have updated the OS. The last thing I remember doing with the ViewMarks before it broke was mistakenly putting my custom title into the URL field, obviously making the bookmark unusable and image-less, I don't know if this has anything to do with the problem, but now you know to avoid doing that, and if the developer reads this, maybe he got a clue to how to fix it. I really hope he does, I need ViewMarks, but can't use it like this.
  • Amazing add-on!!!
    There is nothing like it not just in Firefox but other browsers too. Simply irreplaceable!
    I would like to ask the developer to hear all the requests that people leave here and make Viewmarks compatible with Firefox Quantum. You would make a lot of people happy! :) Thank you
  • I was looking exactly for this, previews of and structured after my bookmarks. A tiny remark would be that I would have appreciated an easier way to do an initial scan, but I got it done, so...
  • please add "sorting the bookmark by tag"
  • 1) It is missed to move a bookmark to a folder using drag and drop.
    2) List view with or not details (enable to customize columns shown),
    3) icons smallers , 32 and 16 pixels
    4) Empty Trash command.
  • I use it for the history, and I love it.

    I really wish it had a way to change to a custom background, included ones are pretty bad.
  • I was super excited to use this extension only to find that NONE of the thumbnails are showing up. I only get folder or "globe" icons so this is really useless and frustrating.

    And yes, I already ticked the box with the automatically fetch thumbnails option so that's not the problem.
  • Nice extension, but some things prevent me from using it...

    - when you want to modify a bookmark, reload button doesn't work
    - zoom buttons don't work either

    - viewmarks should react to mouse-click the same way standard bookmarks work. For example, if I middle-click on a viewmark, it should open in the background
    - middle-clicking a folder should open all its viewmarks in new tabs
    - allow more customization: custom picture for the background, custom icons for the folders
    - allow hiding of "special" folders
    - allow folders to show *after* individual viewmarks (sorting options)

    That's it for now :-p
  • Should be lighter (like chrome's enhanced native bookmark manager)
  • Cool & easy! I like it. Just one thing would be nice to have: an option to change background and install custom image. Thanks.
    P.S. On Russian OS ViewMarks is invisible in context menu. (empty line)
  • Please take the opportunity to display the icon of the site, folder "Mobile bookmarks" (it displays the bookmarks made in the mobile firefox) and line of search on the Internet. This extension spoils the appearance of extension Location Bar Enhancer. Please Fix
  • Really thanks for links and suggestions, it worked great on my Ubuntu system. But when it comes to mac, I can't even localize the extensions folder containing viewmarks stuff. Any idea?