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This is a very neat extension packed with features and best of its kind, as there has been several Firefox add-ons through the years that provided visual sort of bookmarking, none were such functional. The preview release even records history, which is a feature I have been wishing for -great! There are a couple of issues/requests I wish the developer can add, if he would like:
* The keywords from webpages are saved as Firefox keyword. I wish there were an option to save web-page keywords as Firefox 'Tags', as webpage keywords functionality is more like Firefox Tags (i.e. mostly for categorisation), whereas Firefox keywords are mostly meant for a url shortcut to launch webpages.
* An option to create missing viewmarks at once, besides the current 'on-the-go' approach.
Thanks to the developer, and I believe this add-on will be a five star in a short time once the developer version comes out of beta.

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