Maybe it can become great- later. Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

In some ways this is the best home page maker out there. The layout is close to greatness but it has some serious issues. I also wrote the developer to offer ideas on improvements and I never heard back from him.

Some of the issues are:

The site preview function is broken unless users open them up one at a time. For those of us who have lots of folders and big folders that is a little much.

The folders themselves badly need user defined icons and possibly some predone ones for rookies.

It also would be VERY helpful if it added the folder icon to the bookmark dropdown list and replaced the bland folders. Again, just like with so many things on here FF was designed thinking that nobody would really put it to any use. Once regular or power users start to get some folders going they become a big blur. There is a failed add-on that did get that feature right. Here is a screenshot of what it could possibly look like:

On the positive side since it uses the regular bookmark system this means that setups could easily be synched/imported/exported with methods such as Xmarks.

In short this one is on the brink of greatness- but not yet.

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