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  • If dead as stated by another user, great shame because I oftewn run up against this problem. But will try in Monkey.
  • Broken for the last ten or so releases of Firefox.
  • pls fix for fx43+, no deps show
  • Seems this addon is completely dead nowerdays, the homepage doesn't exist anymore (DNS), and info page of the addon shows blank in Firefox 43.0
    Too bad was a great addon.
  • The Dependencies tab is completely blank and not responsive. Even with the latest dev version.
  • (Preview Image on this site broken)
  • This was one of my most used extensions until it stopped working. Unknown size. Contacted the developer and he fixed it once. Broke again and never replied again.

    Then came ywzhaiqi who fixed it again. Thank you very much!!!
  • I fixed unknown size on firefox 32+ (cache2)
  • Extract the xpi, find pageInfoOverlay.js, then replace function GetCache with below code. This works with static files, but the html size still being shown as unknown.

    // At the top of the file
    var gCacheService = Components.classes["@mozilla.org/network/cache-service;1"].getService(Components.interfaces.nsICacheService);

    // Replace function GetCache
    function GetCache(url, callback)
    const ACCESS_READ = Components.interfaces.nsICache.ACCESS_READ;
    try {
    var httpCacheSession = gCacheService.createSession("HTTP", Components.interfaces.nsICache.STORE_ANYWHERE, true);
    httpCacheSession.asyncOpenCacheEntry(url, ACCESS_READ,
    {onCacheEntryAvailable: function(entry, access, status) {
    if (entry)
    else {
    var ftpCacheSession = gCacheService.createSession("FTP", Components.interfaces.nsICache.STORE_ANYWHERE, true);
    ftpCacheSession.asyncOpenCacheEntry(url, ACCESS_READ,
    {onCacheEntryAvailable: function(entry, access, status) {
    }}, true);
    }}, true);
    } catch(ex) {
  • Being a developer, this tool is fantastic at helping me figure out what is causing the biggest drain on load times. Unfortunately, even the version has not fixed the “unknown size” issue in the most recent versions of Firefox (currently 27.0.1). Hopefully this will be fixed soon, as this is one of the most useful tools I have found in the add-ons.
  • This extension still works. I had to bump up the max version for the installer to get it to install in SeaMonkey 2.21. That is all the updating it needs so far.
  • For a web developer like me this is a very very important plugin. Please consider updating it! :) If not, maybe someone with enough knowledge can fork this plugin?! Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any alternative to this wonderful tool. I would even do it myself if I would only know how to develop plugins in Firefox...
    Click on "Version Information" and then " See complete version history " to find the new fixed version.
  • I have been using this extension for ages, it works nearly great... only issue i had is that it doesn't seems to recognize certain dynamically loaded content such as some scripts... however, as others pointed, the recent issue with latest versions of Fx where the size is always unknown is a pity.
  • Same problem as "Web" and "ceeb" - all dependencies show "Unknown" size. Affects HTTP and HTTPS, fresh page load or primed cache.

    Win7 x64 / FF18.0.2
  • Love this add-on, but I'm having the same problem as Web - all files show "Unknown" sizes.

    I'm on Windows 8 with Firefox 18. It doesn't matter whether the page is loaded over HTTP or HTTPS.
  • Excellent add-on!

    Can we have basic filtering? For example enter a string to show items matching that string, and select dependency types to show (script, background, image)
  • This is one of the most useful tools when creating an optimal website.

    This add-on is reporting "Unknown" size for all pages once I installed this on Windows 7. This happens for all websites also. Is there any known issues with 7?
    I'm not aware of any specific problem on Windows 7. The size is "Unknown" when a resource isn't in the browser's cache; this happens for all files loaded over https.
  • Essential for people who want to find out more about a website.
  • what about button Reset or Refresh?
  • Great add-on! It saves my butt a lot as a developer! A must have for all developers and designers! Thanks!!!
  • As soon developers were getting closer to "open new tab in the background" idea saving memory, allowing quicker graphic load etc (several advantagees) someone thought for the first time probably that if opening a new application in the "background" of an already exisiting one will speed up the whole system performance (input/output oriented ... pipelining bandwith, loading heavy graphic contents faster) then why not having every browsing activity opening in the background the publicly known today "page info" from where the "dependencies view" intentionally substracted ... missing. Instead we experienced a huge invasion of pop ups in the web history including their dark side users.
    Now i feel "enlightened". Thank you!
    Best graphic and bandwith speed up process at the smallest price.
  • icon needs to be descriptive in page info
  • Great news Kyrra, thanks. And thanks so much Florian QUEZE for this great add-on, it's one of the best development tool for me.
  • Yesterday, I emailed the author about updating this for 3.6 and got the response: "I'll release an updated version of this add-on in the next few days."

    Hopefully we'll see something soon.
  • Needs 3.6 update. Thanks!