Causes Error on Youtube Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

I agree with the last 3 reviews that DownloadHelper is now causing problems with youtube, whereby errors are generated when posting comments or adding videos to playlists. I also agree that there needs to be an easy way to disable this extension (ie by clicking a button on the taskbar) so that it's easy to troubleshoot when these issues begin. I've had to completely disable DownloadHelper because of this now, which I would preferred not to have done, as re-enabling it to determine whether the issue is fixed is now not a simple button-click. Other than this, tho, amazing work. I will upgrade my rating to 5 once the bug has been fixed. Many thanks!

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We have a workaround for this issue and we need your help to verify it does not break other things in YouTube. Please check: