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  • sehr nützlich
  • 我感觉很好用,能非常方便的识别网页中的视频然后下载它
  • this is a great app
  • used it for 3 months. worked badly these days. the explorer easily broke down while videos are being downded,and then nothing can be done to anything in the pc. I choose to restart my laptop. trying to figure it out.
  • Effective downloading tool, one of the best video downloader. Very easy to use and reliable.
  • muy buena la extension la recomiendo
  • This add-on is awesome. I use this for my studio and everyone loves it.
  • 很不錯的工具,為我保存了不少已經搜尋不到的影片,十分感恩。Very good tool, I saved a lot of videos that I have not found, I am very grateful.
  • This program is outstanding for downloading videos there were a few bugs when they tried improving it but those were worked out and it is great!
  • This add-on actually works. Unlike most of my experience with other add-ons
  • Have tried others but do not compare. Keep up the good work. Thanks
  • all my love to you team. thanks
  • melhor jeito de baixar videos
  • Work well in every websites
  • le logiciel idéale pour vos vidéo. merci les gars vous fête de l'excellent boulot
  • Video DownloadHelper is a great add-on for saving videos to your computer. It works for youtube and several other platforms. I could not do what I do without it.
  • a leg tutib
  • My Android media player attached to my (big) TV doesn't list a lot of available YouTube videos like Firefox does, so I use Video DownloadHelper to put them on a flash drive. Now I don't have to sit bolt upright in an office chair to watch an hour of video - thank you
  • A great addon to download video files.
  • tolle Sache, klappt mit allen Webseiten.
  • excellent, rien à redire.
  • Great addon with a ton of known formats.
  • the best video downloader add on so far
    it can download any video from any site. a must have add-on
  • I have been using Video DownloadHelper about three years now or so . I'am very pleased with the App which is an Firefox Add-on. It' very is easy to use, it works very good every time I use it to download musics and movies I'd like to listen and watch. The quality of the sounds and pictures it delivers to me is always good. However, if the sources of musics or movies were not recorded in MP3 or MP4, it would not download it and it requires another app to download and change the their format to fit to replay.

    Thank you very much for letting us using it for free.
  • magnifica plataforma para fazer download. nota 10.