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The toolbar sucks, and it does not allow downloading videos that are streamed via RTMP protocol, and the worst thing is, it did without asking me change (corrupt) a key in the about:config named "general.useragent.extra.firefox".

Normally, this contains "Firefox" + Version and is part of the user agent identification sent with every http request (JavaScript property "navigator.userAgent"). This add-on added " Toolbar 1.3" to this string and therefore Firefox set the state of the value to "user defined". Thus, when I updated Firefox to ver. 3.5.2, this string was not updated and continued to show the old version. So every server in the web treated my Firefox 3.5.2 as Firefox 3.0.10.

It also set the key "" to "".

I recommend not to use this add-on, since it is kind of "Microsoft-like" and there are a lot of alternatives for this.

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