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  • Does not work with Firefox 69. And I will not report a bug because repository is not on GitHub
  • It's not work on Firefox for Android
  • he很不错
  • it's interface is easy and friendly, but you have to update UA strings because many websites break and say that my browser is old and not supported, which makes the addon useless.
  • Toolbar button does not appear. I tried both restarting and reinstalling. I'm using FF 68.0a1.
  • Compatible with Waterfox! It's very easy to use and the interface is nice. Editing doesn't allow to change the agent icon, but the strings may be freely modified (you may input a Safari string in a IE item). It had a site filter, but it's global, not individualised for each agent.
  • No option to whitelist sites
  • Leider kann ich die App nicht mehr nutzen. Von Firefox wurde sie deaktiviert und nun behauptet Firefox bei der Neuinstallation, die App sei beschädigt. Was kann ich tun?