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  • I had an addong called useragent switcher before and this aint it! Wish I could find it. I don't know what to do in this current version. I used the button on the tool menu and selected a newer version of Firefox but when I click test it still shows my actual version--52.5 ESR and it doesn't fool the addons site when I try to install a new addon. So far none of the user agent addons are working, so adding to the list of fails.
  • Can you spoof UserAgent from header ?
    Check on https://browserspy.dk/useragent.php
    Not working on first visit.
  • There was an issue on Linux several months back that seemed to ignore some of the agent settings, but this appears to have been fixed. Thank you! Recommended, great extension.
  • So far it is working well. Thanks a lot! Finally i am out of request desktop site hell.
  • It doesn't work for me. FF 70.0.1 64-bit. May a conflict with another plugin or whatever but it does nothing.