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Nor Stenberg

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I have made a password management system base on an encrypted (gnupg) password storage file, a script to extract and add password from this file, and integeration of this script with my window manager (wmii). By pressing alt+shift+i I could enter a domain name and my password manager would extract the password for this domain name (or any other text) copy it to the xclipboard (using xclip) and paste it using xdotool (shift+insert) [the clipboard would then be cleared, bad idea to have passwords in clipboard].

The only thing missing in this setup was that I had to manualy type in the domain name of the site (if browsing the web) I wanted to login to. URL Logger solves this by keeping a file updated with the current tab/window location. Using this file I could now write a small wrapper script to my password manager to extract the domain name from the url, like so:

set -u
domain=$(cat ~/.firefox-url.active|sed 's/^[^:]\+:\/\/\([^\/]\+\)\/.*/\1/g')
/home/bumby/scripts/password get -c $domain;

With URL Logger combined with this wrapper script and my password manager, I can now focus a sites username-field and press alt+shift+u and the sites username will be inserted, followed by focusing the password-field (normaly one tab away) and firing off a alt+shift+p to insert the correct password.

Password manager script can be found at in my github scripts repo: https://github.com/bumby/scripts
Of course any other script-friendly password manager would do just fine

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Log formating with date/time and hostname/port, scheme will be available from version 1.1.0

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