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  • Really Great Tool by Neil Bird :)
  • I only use this in Thunderbird, and I use it a lot: I can double click a string and make it open a search in almost any web-app (for example, a trouble-ticket system). It is a shame Mozilla turned off this extension for Thunderbird 60.
    The Thunderbird-60 compatible version is now available on the Thunderbird add-ons site, and should update automatically.
  • That's it, mate!!!
    I was looking for such an addon for a very long time. It's so easy to use and it makes surfing a lot more convienent. And the best: it's not to difficult to be extended with new links! Just go to any site, insert any term you are searching for, copy the following link, insert it in the empty box at the bottom of the settings, replace the item you were looking for with a "*" and press save ("Anwenden"). Sometimes you have to restart FF.
    Well done, thumbs up, five stars.
    Thanks — although you shouldn't ever have to restart Firefox. You may possibly have to reload a page after a prefs change, but even that would be a bug
  • Very good options but way too much submenus.. there are this possibilities usually:
    - popup small icon - 1 click
    - right click menu item - 2 clicks
    - right click menu submenu item - 3 clicks
    - right click menu submenu submenu item - 4 clicks <- we are HERE
    that's way too much. the submenus appear on the left right, usually it all closes before retry. please move the action items higher in menu hierarchy, definitely don't need two submenus to open in new tab or here. Menu Control - Hide ... options doesn't help reduce this mess.
    It won't process selection correctly if text around and multiple links are selected. Resulting link will be text mess.
    Firefox forces extension to have all their context menu additions in a submenu, this cannot be changed. I am confused as why you are having to click through the options, you should just be able to move the mouse, and it shouldn't vanish halfway through navigating.

    For support, issues or suggestions please contact me or visit https://github.com/fnxweb/urllink/issues — in particular, see https://github.com/fnxweb/urllink/issues/5 for reducing the sub-menu count.
  • Update to my previous review (now deleted by myself due to being obsolete):

    It's amazing what Neil did with his take on rewriting URL Link as a WebExtension.
    Thank you so much for putting that much effort into it! :)

    My claim about your switch to Chrome originated from one of our direct mails where I read it as "I'll switch to Chrome soon" - at least, I thought so.
    I apologize for misinterpreting your mail. It's good to know you're sticking with the hot fox. ;)

    Lastly, as a suggestion, I'd like to ask if we (maybe via an option) can eliminate the new sub-sub menu, i. e. instead of:
    URL Link -> Open Selection in New Tab, Help & Preferences -> Unaltered, [my defined targets]
    I'd like to simply have
    URL Link -> Unaltered, [my defined targets]
  • This could've been very useful but we still can't edit preferences.
    Preference editing is in the current beta which you can download from this site if you like. Some users are having trouble re-ordering the lists at the moment, which is why I've not yet fully released it.

    Update: preference editing went into version 3.1.0.
  • Thanks for updating to work with Firefox 57. My only wish is that it opened the link in a new tab (i.e. when I want to look up the definition of a word in a news article in Wikipedia, I'd like the article to remain open in another tab).
    It does via “open selection in new tab”.
  • I've been using this extension for years, and it's one of the things that's keeping me from switching to multi-process. I'd like to encourage the developer to keep at his work rewriting this extension for compatibility with FF 57+.
  • I love this add-on. I have no idea why Mozilla hasn't implemented this into their browser natively. I hope the developer c̶o̶m̶e̶s̶ ̶b̶a̶c̶k̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶F̶i̶r̶e̶f̶o̶x̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ brings it to 57+ compatibility.

    Edit: Whoops. As he mentions below he is still using Firefox. Sorry about that!
    Thanks, dunno where this story of my leaving has come from, I love Firefox on both desktop and mobile.

    I am still hoping to rewrite for multi process before it's too late, but it *is* a rewrite and I've not yet found the time.
  • one of the most useful add-on.
    unfortunately it doesn't work in multi-process mode.
  • I reinstalled Version version and that worked. Your latest version, which upgraded automatically for me, does not seem to work properly.
    This should be fixed in the new 2.04.5 version now available.
  • It's a must have if the bug that duplicates the contextual menu option is fixed.
    This should be fixed in the new 2.04.5 version now available.

    If you see a bug, please contact me; I may very well not see reports here.
  • Nice little add-on. I'd like to use it on several machines, so an export option for strings would be great.
  • 1. I have some set of unique links more than 10k when the employee clicks the link it will open the customer's profile in new tab.

    2. In address bar employee has to add "#tab-5" at the end of URL; every time to mp in to "Tab No 5" of my webpage.

    by adding "#tab-5" employee will automatically jump to tab no 5 so that the user will not need to click on tab no 5 available in my webpage.

    Rating and Writing a review
    reason behind i guess this is the only extension which is very closer to my query through out chrome and firefox extension store

    This extension works only on plain texts my request it should work for links also.....
  • Handy extension. An option to open the link in a focused tab is missing and would be a welcome and essential addition for me.
  • this add ons is one of useful add-ons that came on my minds. I doubt whether anyone will make this add-ons, but there is, I found it here, thank dude, you make my life easier. sorry for my bad english
  • By installing the extension I was expecting to see the windows links (\\host\...) becoming clickeable but no, you still have to select the text, use the right click and then select an action in the menu.
    I'm sorry you felt you had to give a 2 start review because my plugin didn't do what you expected, but it does work as intended. Updating the link on the fly wouldn't help anyone, since the submenu options are customisable (you can open a selection with a given prefix, or search option, e.g.), and via the menu this is immediate. Updating the link from that choice instead of just doing it would then require a second operation.
  • Yees, this is it!
  • ...and gorgeous together, thx.
  • Great! We use it at work all the time. I'm looking for something like this for Chrome as well, for an employee. Thanks for the add-on!
    I barely have time to maintain this, unfortunately, let alone port it :-/

    There'll be an update in a month or so, FWIW, after holidays.
  • Great app! It does the job really well (and is pretty easy to personalize)