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This extension allows you to quickly see where those annoying shortened URLs are really taking you.

Hint: Not always where you think!

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Garbage. All it does is link you to their website when you right-click ANY URL.

Response from Unshorten.It!

Thank you for your comment.

You are correct, the addon does open the main unshorten.it site in a new tab. However you should notice that the page that opens is actually displaying the result of unshortening the URL you clicked, it doesn't just "Link you to their website".

As far as your second point - We would love to only show the option on shortened URLs but this is not possible to do - There is no way to tell if a URL is shortened or not without checking to see if it redirects to a different URL - Doing this for every link on a web page is completely impractical just to hide the unshorten.it button on non-shortened URL. The only other option would be to maintain a list of URL shorteners and only show the option on that but this would rely on us constantly updating this list which is also impractical. If you tried it you would have also noticed that if you were to tell it to "unshorten" a non-shortened URL, the website would still open and explain that the URL is not shortened but will still provide you with the safety ratings and information for the link - We find that users like this as they can still check the safety of a link, even if it hasn't been shortened.

If you can think of a way to improve either of those points above, please let us know and we will gladly take them into account.

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Great useful little addon!Thx.

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Tried it on a few. Seems to work on my quick tests

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Many thanks to the developer for the swift reply to my review.
I am now very happy to say that the add-on is now working perfectly again for some strange reason.

I did not change any settings (again), it just started working, after many hours of doing nothing. Very odd.

Anyway, despite having no idea why it didn't work, I'm very happy that it's back to normal. It's a great add-on.
Keep up the great work. Respect.

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It works as described and works well - shows not only the real source, but also its reputation.But when I try to use this addon on not shortened link it reports an error. I understand that it is nothing to do with unshortening in this case, but a reputation of the link remains important - is it possible to provide a reputation in this case too?

Thank you for the feedback, I will look into modifying the system to provide information on non-shortened URLs in the future.

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As the developer's response to my last comment stated, failure may have been due to several factors. With the same url as previously tested, the link was successfully shortened. Other servers do as well, an advantage here is that the resolution page displays WOT stats for the unshortened url, and this is a very good point I believe. It takes slightly longer to resolve the link because of call to WOT, I guess.

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Very useful addon and service. Works even with unpopular url shortening services.

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