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  • digitastyle.com
  • Great addon! But not working in Firefox Nightly 62 0a1
  • Unfortunately TB refuses to install this dictionary.
  • B
  • sometimes it types out what it thinks we should say. I don't like that and never will/
    ! I amm my own boss
    If I put it that way then thats how I wanted.
  • It has never let me down.
  • nice
  • good one
  • I'd like to suggest an update to this extension as its source dic/aff files are dated 2016-01-19 and that source's current version is dated 2017-08-24, i. e. more than a year and a half newer.
  • Looks good works fine!
  • Great for us Norwegians
  • Good app
  • I cannot find the icon anywhere on my screen so I've not been able to use this extension. I'm very upset. the spell check I had in the last edition of Firefox was perfect for my uses. I'm frustrated and angry there is nothing similar offered in this edition.