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Norbert Wienholz

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Warum wurde "Unhide Passwords" geschaffen?

I never saw the purpose of obfuscating password field, and *absolutely* every browser and every application has to insist on hiding them!
What's the point!? If somebody is standing behind you watching you, he might as well watch your keystrokes, so it's not much protection anyway.
On the other hand though, it adds a lot of hassle, since even in situations where absolutely NOBODY is watching you, you STILL have to *hope* to enter the right password, and not have a typo on the 20th character (or forget that your CapsLock is not).

Was kommt als nächstes für Unhide Passwords

I want to keep this addon as simple and unobtrusive as possible (it should really be an option in the browser anyway).
There won't be any fancy additions or options, which will only make it more error-prone and more confusing to use.
I nearly gave up on updating this, due to the repeated changes of the Firefox engine, with hardly any documentation or regard to backward compatibility. This happened several times, and turned perfectly working addons into useless junk - mine included. Since I have a *real* job, and a life besides computers, I'm not too excited about wasting lots of time updating stuff that was working fine, until "somebody else" broke it, but due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback, and the never-ending requests for compatibility updated for FF4, I finally sat down and got it to work again.
Hopefully this will last for a while...

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Name Norbert Wienholz
Homepage http://www.contrex.ca/gecko
Benutzer seit March 5, 2007
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