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  • Does everything you want it to. Why Mozilla decided to not include such a thing in FF is beyond me. Thanks for picking up their slack!
  • Works right out of the box and saves so much time!
    How many times have you closed a tab by mistake and then had to go through the process of opening the Firefox menu to restore the tab? Well if you are like me its a constant thing :D
    With this great add-on i no longer have to wade through the menu, i can simply click one button and restore the tab.
    This is one add-on i always install and would suggest you all do too!
  • This add-on is just awesome. I do not count how many times I closed a tab by accident or suddenly remembered I needed something on the tab I had just closed, and this add-on just saved me.
  • This is a show-stopper for me: I make extensive use of Tab Mix Plus, and will not be disabling it just to get this Add-On to work. That said, I would dearly love to have your add-on's functionality; please find out where the conflict lies and resolve it.
  • The icon is too big, which makes navigator bar wider. I am using firefox 11
  • Very useful, I've been looking for something like that for so long.
  • It works nice. This extension has given me an idea to clear also the cache of the recently closed tabs, taking advantage of the fact that if you set the about:config browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo to zero, the cache is deleted at the moment, and then you could inmediately set it to the default (10) or the number you have choosen before. However, if the values set in browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo were five, four, three, two or one, all closed tabs are deleted but the last five, four, three, two or the last one. So we would have either the option to clear all cache, to clear all but the last X closed tabs, or to undo all or the last. I hope this idea will be useful to enhance your extension in some way. Thanks.
  • Very useful. Works fine. Thank you!!

    PS For the latest version of the add-on with a smaller icon go to http://code.google.com/p/uctb/downloads/list
  • Works good with FF 9.0.1.
    Default toolbar icon is too big, but ucantbeserious7's mod works like a charm, thank you
  • This has been one of my favorites add-ons. However, the icon is just too big. Please create a smaller icon so that it fits nicely in the add-on bar so that it won't increase the add-on bar's height. If you use it with barlesque, you'll see that it creates extra pixels at the bottom.
  • I have modified this addon, by making the icon look like Opera's Closed Tabs trash icon (which is like Undo Closed Tabs Button).
    I have also removed that annoying small dropdown arrow to the right hand side of the button (as it is far too small to click on), and have made the button that when clicked on opens the menu showing recently closed tabs.

    Here is a screenshot: http://i44.tinypic.com/152lykw.png

    Here is the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?ldvvek54v14sa03

    After downloading to a specified location, just 'drag and drop' the file into firefox, it will ask to install after about 5 seconds.
    If you cannot find where you downloaded your file, in the 'Downloads' list right click on the file, and select 'Open Containing Folder', then 'drag and drop'.

    Note: Tested with Firefox 8.0!
  • :D
  • Very useful addon. However, the button looks terrible when you put it in the toolbar. It really doesnt need to be so bulky. I managed to find this http://code.google.com/p/uctb/issues/detail?id=47 which at least shrunk it down so that it fits in the toolbar. I dont know why it doesnt give you that icon to start with. It's still a rather large button though.
  • Icon of the button is too large.
  • Useful button to have. Should be built in to Firefox.
  • Workin well in Aurora 8a2, WIN32XPSP3. The claims are removed. In the clear profile, everything works normally.
  • @why_not,
    just download the
    Undo Closed Tabs Button version 3.7.1 (For Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 and later)
    from the link given above, still works!
  • Very useful! Just what I was looking for!
    Works in 6.0.1 for me
  • Pace coolly, but sometimes simpler is better. This does one job and does it well, without unnecessary flab. It provides a button on the toolbar which requires only a left click to undo the last closed page.Tab Utilities isn't required for this function; it is inbuilt. Right click a tab, and the 11th of the current 12 entries on my context menu does the same thing. But this is by far the tab context menu item that I use the most. So this utility is a boon, without adding functions I don't need. Undo Closed Tabs also provides the quickest access to the last 10 tabs by default - this can be changed to any number up to 99.
  • I've got TAB UTILITIES 1.1,so this add-on is useless to me.
  • I miss this tab. it is not working with Firefox 6. Any suggestions???
  • The option "warn me when closing multiple tabs" in firefox is still not working when this addon is installed.
  • Great extension that makes it very easy to recover accidentally closed tabs. The only improvement I'd like to have is the ability to reopen closed windows too, but it's not that important.

    I'm a little confused why the 3.7.3 version with the new, correctly sized icon and better support for Firefox 4 that was released almost four months ago is still experimental and not marked compatible with Firefox 5 while the older version gets its compatibility bumped automatically. 3.7.3 works well in Firefox 5 with compatibility check disabled.
  • Nice =)
  • I've found an unofficial fix for the icon size problem here:

    Works nicely.
    Hope this will be integrated soon.