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  • Please make this compatible with Firefox Quantum [57.0.1]

  • Need update for Firefox 57. Alternatives is worse.

  • Very useful extension. Very please for Firefox Quantum version, because I can not live without it!

  • please update this addon to make it compatible with Firefox Quantum version 57.0 (WebExtension)

    Thank you !

  • great extension, too bad its no longer functional with FF quantum... devs?

  • Thanks for this addon but not compatible now with ff57. If anyone want to install compatible add on go to https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/undo-close-tab-button/?src=find-replacement

  • I don't want to miss it.
    Please update for FF 57.

  • вип

  • Hi dev I really like your work, but seems this add-on is no longer compatible with the latest Firefox Quantum, so I guess you may update it? Many thanks.

  • Absolutely love this excellent, simple and useful extension!

    "But will you still love me, tomorrow?" - when I upgrade to FIrefox 57.0?

    In other words, do you have a Web Extensions compatible version coming? Firefox asserts that this version is "Legacy", so I'm guessing it won't work in the new FF.

  • RIP Firefox, yet another useful extension looks like it's going bye-bye :(.

  • Com este add-on é possível ter um botão para reabrir, rapidamente, uma aba fechada por engano.
    Recomendado para quem é inteligente.

  • It's awesome, should be a built-in feature.

  • Should be built in to FF.

  • One suggestion: Option to have Closed Windows at the bottom of the dropdown list. The main window is what I need and have to scroll way down to even get to it,

  • My favorite extension for Firefox.

  • I've got really used to it. I hope it will always work.

  • very useful

  • My mostly used addon. Don't need any new features it's best as it is.

  • Great addon, been using it for years, always works without problems.

  • Works great, but every time iit updates, it displays an annoying page with the new feature list, which I don't really need

  • this addon has been broken for a very long time. even after opening and closing tabs the button stays grayed out and there are no right click functions.

  • Work so-so, but so ugly that was removed !!!
    Ugly dark. dark black square !!!
    Are you blind Man ???

  • TabMix Plus just updated and I got a notification that Undo Closed Tabs Button is incompatible with TabMix Plus. Firefox disabled the Undo Closed Tabs Button Add-On.
    Please fix this.