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Sorry but I, as many people, have exactly the same problem than already reported by a guy you've sent to Github because "abusing". No, he doesn't abuse. He says what he has to say here in a place which is made for reviews. When there is a big issue it is here a good place to tell it, because it is here the place where other users will come to see what are the plus and the cons of a product. This message "This page has a long address, etc." is so frequent that it becomes absolutely boring, and not only that but also it makes the page shiver without any possibility to cease that behavior. So either you remove definitively this message either you will loose probably many users which were previously very happy of this plugin!

And about Github, I would like to recall that it is a platform which is more for the developers and testers than for the end users! An end user is not necessarily someone versed in IT... and also you should put yourself at the place of a single user: to add comments to Github it is required to create an account! So... create an account to simply leave a message? is ALREADY a place dedicated to introduce the plugins to the users and with places for comments by them!

Until now this plugin was absolutely wonderful. But since the day this new message appeared the first time it now appears 50 times a day! And with in addition the consequence of making the page shiver! So this plugin is hugely decreasing in its interest if this issue remains still longer.

"Abuse" as a noun means improper use of something. You can look it up.

Regarding the message. I personally have tried numerous time to reproduce in fresh profiles and for me, everytime it only shows once. Once I have chosen between ending or beginning, it goes away on any new long url page.

Lastly, I think only a single person apart from you have complained about it till now.