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Warum wurde "ua-site-switch" geschaffen?

Because of a bug of a web application I have to use, I needed to change the User Agent on a per-site basis. There was already a Firefox add-on doing that, but I thought that it would be better to have one that would not require a restart of the browser. And it would allow me to learn about the Jetpack framework. So here is "ua-site-switch" (I know that the name is as sexy as an unix command or a CSS class).

Was kommt als Nächstes für ua-site-switch

I may add a form to generate user agent strings (which contains the browser name, the OS, the platform, and other stuff).
I may improve the list of the customized sites (by adding for example a button "edit").
I could also translate the user interface, but I don't know yet if Jetpack provides some help for that.

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Name Fabien SK
Ort France
Benutzer seit April 14, 2012
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