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  • Great for when you don't want to leave the page you're on and plus sometimes I prefer the simple format
  • Any way to zoom out on this?
  • Simple, I like it,
    Thank you
  • This app is so simple but yet this is exactly what I've needed.
    One click, my twitter timeline appears on side-bar, just like I see it on the official website. Perfect.
    Thank you for making this *applauds*

    But I'm wondering why "Open as popup window" option is not working for me....any suggestion??
    And I will be happier if I can change the font size; Looking forward to any updates in future.
  • This app is just great!
  • 5/5
  • Works wonderfully. Thank you very much.
  • After last update, it's working with firefox 44 also!
  • Great!!
    Is not to say the other. 're The best.
  • Absolument indispensable avec Firefox c'est appli remplace merveilleusement Echofon Bravo au développeur, excellent !
  • I would like to give the author kudos for at least making this add on. I was using Twitbin previously, but it stopped working with a FF upgrade. This works, and while it would be nice to have a few more bells and whistles, it is effective and does the job. No auto refresh has been mentioned, but I have found that clicking the "Home" button does a refresh.
  • Działa tak jak powinno. Na pewno wygodniejsze niż otwarta strona Twittera w osobnej zakładce. Dobrze się sprawdza dla tweetów z odnośnikami - wygodnie można sobie przeglądać linki. Coś podobnego jest w najnowszym Safari 7 i tam też się sprawdza.
  • I realise that this is just a wrapper around the Twitter mobile site, but that's exactly what I was looking for. Also glad it has the option to snap to the right side of the screen. Thanks!
  • ninguna todavia lo estoy descargando pero lo descargue por que me lo recomendaron y me gusto gracias bendiciones
  • The extension is update and makes me remove the echofon. The creator can put some things:
    1) Option to personalize font size
    2) Option to personalize the position in the screen (left of right)
    3) MOST IMPORTANT: a number in somewhere showing number of unread tweets and or new mentions.
    Thanks! ^^
  • Muy bueno y 100% funcional con la versión 19, recomendado.