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  • Interessante

  • Very poor and simple

  • Does not work at all on Firefox Quantum

  • love it

  • Hi Team, Scrolling down is a problem in my Ubuntu 16 machine. It works when i use the app as a drop down from the menu but it stops working when i make it as a separate window. Pls correct the feature. Thanks

  • No idea, why other ppl are complaining. It is working flawlessly on Firefox Quantum. One thing I'm missing is auto refresh of some sort.

  • To open Twitter sidebar click View > Twitter App menu option from Firefox menu.

    If you have blank sidebar try to re-install the app.

    But I give this app one star because of other issue - a lot of tweets are missing in timeline, pls fix this.

  • I'm so disappointed... It doesn't work with Firefox Quantum at all. Blank sidebar - that's all.

  • I was hoping this would work well but as many other reviewers said doesn't work. It simply displays a blank sidebar.

  • I haven't used it long enough to form an opinion yet. Regards Gloria M-F

  • It's fast and easy, however I can't get it on the side as I had it before, now it opens directly and I can't move it to any of the sides.

  • Does NOT work Ver. 63.0 on Firefox Quantum(57.0 64bit). It's shown white/blank balloon and white/blank slidebar.

  • DOES NOT WORK....This app worked extremely well in Firefox versions until the latest one, v. 57.0, Quantum. NOW, the app does NOT work at all - nothing appears. BARIS: Now what?

  • Tiene lo basico de Twitter, muy basico no esperen mucho pero puedes ver tu timeline y busquedas en tiempo real.

  • It's not working with Quantum and obviously hasn't for several weeks now. Shame.

  • doesn't work on the new twitter

  • the description said "App brings Twitter™ right into your Firefox Sidebar. "

    this is only truth for the older version. New version offer NO such feature and it is very annoying.

  • Great app but i do miss the way it used to work with the bar on the side. Maybe add an option to change where you want it like if you want it to be a floating window or a bar on the side of your screen,

  • even from your pc

  • Nice one.

  • Using in Pale Moon, thanks.

  • Works fine, thank you!

  • Hasta ahora es lo que queria, sencilla, ligera y estable

  • Ok

  • This app is almost as goddess as a 69