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  • Does not support the latest FF!
  • Great extension thank you .. :)
  • "This add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox".
  • Only the style changes are working, all the other options are useless.
  • This thing is a nightmare. It is a thinly disguised piece of adware that is constantly trying to get you to install more pieces of junk. It's features rarely worked for me, and after getting 20+ automatic ad pages opening on me, out of control, I got rid of it (having to remove it offline since I couldn't restart the browser). Run away!
  • I unchecked ‘enhance’ option, which seems to be a bizarre mix of several unrelated features; the rollover is thoroughly broken. Still stuck with the broken rollover even after restarting Firefox.
  • TweakTube no longer works with the new updated youtube layout for Firefox v18 but I have found other Firefox add-on that has useful feathers, auto replay or stop autoplay and can help increase the slow connection speed by tweaking video buffer!
  • Disable this add-on.

    I've had it for around a year, and this has been my experience.

    While it has some cool features, like lights off (I enjoy the darker setting, though you have to know where the button is to turn it off again, as it disappears once clicked)), I wondered for the longest time why a literal 80% of my youtube videos would not load, or would not load unless I sat and repetitively pressed refresh and prayed for it to somehow work.

    It looks like a lot of other people are seeing the same thing-- the video shows up as a black box or momentarily looks as if it might load, only for the box to appear. I saw that when the features it displayed below my video loaded once I refreshed (I have a slower connection) the black box would always come back. I concluded this add-on could be the problem, just disabled it, and am overjoyed by the return of youtube's functionality. While the ideas have potential, the coding is counterproductive for the search to the best youtube experience.
  • I wish this would be updated. It seems like it would be awesome if it weren’t mostly broken a year after the last update.
  • I'm only using the "HD Suite" and "Lights Out" functions. The former makes videos HD by default - as opposed to having to manually select HD quality - and the latter gives me the option to grey out, or turn completely black, the whole website around the video. All other features of this add-on are either useless or broken, with at least one of them rendering videos unplayable.

    I would use the "Autopagerize" feature, which automatically loads results from the next search page as you scroll down, but it stops showing thumbnails for videos after the fifth search result of each page.
  • Not a good addon has the potential to be one but needs improvement.
  • Doesn't work
  • Spam, browser hijack...etc. automatically changed my about:config file which caused all ends of problems. Avoid this at all costs.
  • even having installing the scripts and following every instruction, it still does not work as advertised..in short. I could go into more detail but its not worth it
  • So many good scripts are combined into this add-on, specially the prewatch script... but the problem is that, most of these scripts are outdated so is the add-on itself.

    Since Youtube updated its API multiple times in last year, that's why you'll get various glitches/errors if you use this add-on .i.e. The blank thumbs which are caused by the above prewatch script.

    So what's the conclusion???
    Either wait for the author to update it including the scripts, or leave it alone or..... use it if you can tweak it to some extent.
  • I downloaded this program yesterday and spent hours tweaking it so it's perfect. Then I wake up and everything has been undone and is screwing up youtube. I have tried to get everything back to the way it was but it's IMPOSSIBLE. Wow, this extension worked for a couple hours, this is supposed to impress someone? Can somebody recommend an add-on that will work similar to this but of course, something that actually works. Oh and don't tell me I need to update then open a page with a bunch of script. That doesn't update anything. What a waste of time.
  • This add-on is horrible. I've tried it several times on several different versions of Firefox, and it never works properly. It appears that no one is capable of making a solid YouTube extension for Firefox. Don't waste your time with this one.
  • When looking at ways to enhance YouTube way back when, I installed addon after addon and when I came across this one I thought my prayers where answered. But alas I am sorely disappointed with this addon. It is spam. After installing it a few months ago and trying it out I soon after deleted. By the looks of things there are a number of users who are in the same boat.
  • Like spyware, hate it!
  • Awful program that acts like spyware or malware. Avoid at all costs!
  • One of the worst add-ons I've ever used. It blocked YouTube, giving me a black box that covered the window instead. Only after I disabled this add-on was I able to see and use YouTube again. Didn't work on FF 7, 8, and 9 beta. I'm rating it one star only because the system won't let me give it zero stars!!
  • Buggy as all hell. Out of date with current youtube. Spams the companys other products. Is basically malware. Avoid!
  • There are several reasons why I DO NOT recommend downloading this add-on:
    1) The author fails to update the plugin.
    2) It's buggy as all hell. It slows down your experience and the scripts don' always work as they suggest.
    3) Updates. The authors of the scripts that TweakTube is using will ask you to update their script, but due to errors in TweakTube you will never be able to update anything.

    Of course, #3 is a major issue because the author refuses to update his add-on. Since the author has turned away from his own creation I would suggest we do the same as the lack of support with this add-on is straggering!
  • Here I was wondering for a week why youtube looks so bad (overlapping username and comments) and none of its videos load (a black box instead)--disabled this app et voila le culprit.
    I'm rating it 2/5 instead of 1/5 because yes, youtube recently changed everything--but it was several weeks ago and the developer should have kept up or at least disabled his (her) own code so as not to bring such a bad experience upon users--still, I haven't experienced what this app might be capable of, so 2/5. =D
  • Firefox 6.0.2 mit AMD 6fach Prozessor. Sobald dieses add on aktiviert ist zeigt firfox nur mehr schwarz anstelle eines you tube videos. Ein Stern für den guten Willen. ....One star for the idea. Installed add on shows only black screen instead of video