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This is a great simple extension. I install it alone for my "non-tech savvy" friends and family. For myself, I use it as a companion to other privacy/security extensions such as NoScript and RequestPolicy.

When a website uses multiple domains for content delivery, scripts, fonts, and/or tracking it's sometimes difficult to know which ones are needed to view the website and which ones should be blocked. When I go to such a website I check Truste to see which domains they block and then mark them as untrusted in NoScript. That saves me the uncertainty and time of trying to determine which ones should probably be blocked and which ones may be necessary to allow for the website to function properly. It can shorten the sometimes long list of 3rd party domains from 10+ to just two or three.

I've never had any problems with the extension. I wish there were more security features in Firefox and/or extensions like this that show the security of all domains on a page and not just the one in the address bar.

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better than ghostery I think.

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When will TRUSTe Tracker Protection be out of beta?

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Thank you for your interest

TRUSTe is in the process of providing to the internet community, not just Firefox, tools which will help them protect their privacy while allowing them to choose which parties they trust to protect their information. This process has only recently begun, the Firefox add-on being the first step.

As TRUSTe takes privacy very seriously, we need time to consider customer feedback and the changing perceptions of privacy on the internet. "Beta" in this case is used to indicate an early form of a product, much in the same way Google uses the term, not that the product itself is incomplete or "buggy". You can confidently use this add-on, and thanks to Firefox's update abilities, you can relax knowing that you will always have the most recent release.