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This gets 5 stars when (or if) it is working. Please provide a link to the latest beta version. You are getting some bad reviews because you really need to write more detailed info in the intro blurb at the very top, and in the "About this addon" section farther down. This is something I wrote elsewhere (may be old): "By default, the translation is in a new tab. This is great. It can be changed to the same tab in options. Right-click page, or selected text, to translate. Right-click a link to translate the linked page. After installing the addon you will have to restart Firefox to get the translate icon to work. It only translates the whole page. Can place the icon in any toolbar. To do so right-click a toolbar and click "customize". Then drag the icon from current location to new location. It is not necessary to place the icon on a toolbar. Right-clicking a page, link, or selected text works fine. This addon uses Google translation." Use any of it.

Great because there is option to open in new tab Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Unlike some other Google translation addons this one has a setting to "Open translations in new tab". I do not like covering up the page I am trying to translate.

The "About this Add-on" info needs to be updated to indicate that "no restart" is only for initiating translation via the context menu. To get the translation button to work one has to restart Firefox. Then the translation button works.

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Working great overall, but a problem remains. Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

It is working great in Firefox 15.0.1 for the most part. One problem that happens from time to time is that when translating a selection the text is copied over in ASCII or whatever it is called. Where blank spaces are replaced with %20, and accented characters with other % stuff. Here is an example of a line of Portuguese: Eu%20tinha%20esquecido%20desses%20problemas%20de%20conflito%20de%20edi%C3%A7%C3%A3o. It does not happen all the time with Portuguese or any language. Even with different text selected from the same page. When this happens Google does not translate the text. There is nothing in the right-side pane.

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