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Versionsgeschichte von Tranquility Reader

18 Versionen

Seien Sie vorsichtig mit alten Versionen!

Diese Versionen werden zu Referenz- und Testzwecken angezeigt. Sie sollten immer die letzte Version eines Add-ons verwenden.

Version 3.0.5beta 53.7 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox für Android 55.0 und neuer, Firefox 55.0 und neuer

* Changes made for limited support for Firefox for Android, starting version 55.0.
* No context menus are available (right clicking options)
* No command shortcuts available (keyboard shortcuts)
* No import/export ability for offline files supported

Version 3.0.4beta 53.4 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox für Android 53.0 und neuer, Firefox 53.0 und neuer

* Removed popup menu for the browser action; now, clicking on the Tranquility icon will make the page readable. For the other actions provided through the popup menu, users will have to go to the options page or use the Read Later button after running tranquility.

* Added a few "preset" configurations (color schemes and font colors) rather than having to customize each option manually. This is experimental at this time; will explore the option of allowing users to import a configuration file for this in the future.

* Changed the background page to "about:blank" (instead of when loading offline pages from the options window.

* Minor bug fix to remove the progress bar which was not being removed in some corner cases.

* bug fix to correctly load original page when toggling Tranquility mode for an offline page.

* Bug fix to handle loading mixed security content pages correctly

* Bug fix to handle preformatted pages correctly

Version 3.0.3beta 54.6 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox für Android 52.0 und neuer, Firefox 52.0 und neuer

Minor bug fix; progress bar visible after loading saved/offline documents. Added code to remove the progress bar after document is loaded from the indexedDB.

Version 3.0.2beta 54.6 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox für Android 52.0 und neuer, Firefox 52.0 und neuer

* Bug Fix - clicking on option "Run" should toggle between tranquility view and original web page (was not working correctly)

* Fix to formatting; spacing between consecutive div elements increased for better readability.

* Fix to handle pages with mixed security content (some pages were not loading correctly because of this error)

Version 3.0beta3 54.4 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox für Android 52.0 und neuer, Firefox 52.0 und neuer

Minor changes based on testing in Firefox 52 (still does not support about:blank correctly). That will have to wait until Firefox 53.

Version 3.0beta2 54.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox für Android 52.0 und neuer, Firefox 52.0 und neuer

Latest changes and fixes; releasing first in beta channel to test in Firefox 52.0 before submitting for review in the regular channel.

Version 3.0beta1 53.5 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox für Android 52.0 und neuer, Firefox 52.0 und neuer

Latest version of the webextensions version of Tranquility Reader. It is ready for testing if you are adventurous enough - although you need to do this using either the Nightly or Development build of Firefox! Please make sure that you are already running version 2.0 and have exported all your offline content before you upgrade to this webextensions version of the addon.

Version 3.0beta 55.5 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox für Android 52.0 und neuer, Firefox 52.0 und neuer

Experimental Beta version of the Webextensions implementation of Tranquility Reader.
Several changes (too long to list in version notes at this time). Will provide detailed list when formally adding to the release channel.

Version 1.3beta 80.5 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 20.0 - 51.0

Added functionality to export the offline content. View Offline Content and a link is provided at the top of the page to save the offline content as a JSON file.

The next version of the addon will move to using the WebExtensions API's. The new webextensions version is unable to read the offline content saved by versions 1.3 and earlier (legacy versions of the addon). So, please be sure to make use of this feature and save your offline content.

The next version of this addon (version 2.0) using Webextensions API will try to provide the ability to import this JSON data. But that will take some time.

Version 1.2alpha 75.4 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 20.0 - 39.*

* Handled corner cases (errors that show up in the browser console) discovered during code review of version 1.1.9
* When offline reading list is requested when not in tranquility mode (or not in a tab with html content, such as the new tab), we will now open a new tab and load the offline reading list in this new tab.

Version 1.1.9beta3 74.2 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 20.0 - 39.*

* Removed support for versions 16.0 - 19.0
* Removed support for private browsing for pre 20.0 versions of firefox
* No longer detect documents with minimal content (not very user friendly)
* Simply some code (multiple classes being checked within if condition have been clubbed into one array index bounds check)

Version 1.1.9beta2 74.8 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 16.0 - 39.*

* Improved handling custom local background images (using style sheet services)
* Reduced complexity by eliminating support for defaultFontColor and defaultBackgroundColor etc.

Version 1.1.9beta1 75.2 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 16.0 - 39.*

* Moved Menu to the bottom of the window
* Support for a background image (FilePicker to select local file)
* Support for custom hex color codes for background, font, links, annotation highlighting
* Converted some hard coded string values to use localization

Version 1.1.9alpha1 74.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 16.0 - 39.*

* Changed keyboard shortcut to show/hide menu div
* Tranquility font size will override the page specific cached zoom level

Version 1.1.18beta1 73.5 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 16.0 - 36.*

Handle url's that point to text files better. Files that have only preformatted content were not being processed correctly (line breaks were being removed from the preformatted contents also). Fixed that.

Version 1.1.18alpha1 73.4 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 16.0 - 30.*

  • Check private browsing mode and alert that "Read Later" functionality is not available.
  • Minor changes to menu show/hide logic. The menu is now almost completely hidden, and the expand menu button (+) is now moved to the top right of the browser window. so that when printing the page, neither the menu nor the button obscure the text on the page.
  • Version 1.1.7alpha2 72.6 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 16.0 - 30.*

    Bug fix -- the menu div too high and was hiding some text during page downs. Two changes made to improve this:
    (1) additional padding added so that the initial view does not hide any text
    (2) After 10 seconds, the menu div is minimized so that when scrolling or using "Page Down" key, text is not hidden by the menu. The menu can be displayed again by click on a (+) button.

    Version 1.1.7alpha1 72.1 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 16.0 - 36.*

    Version 1.1.7alpha1 is released in an experimental beta channel for the adventurous users. Features in addition to the yet to be reviewed version 1.1.6 are:

    (1) Ability to add and edit annotations
    (2) Improved formatting of the tranquility view (default view now has no background image and looks quite stripped down and minimalistic)
    (3) Minor changes to the algorithm to remove hidden elements that might show up in the tranquility view.