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Versionsgeschichte von Tranquility Reader

14 Versionen

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Diese Versionen werden zu Referenz- und Testzwecken angezeigt. Sie sollten immer die letzte Version eines Add-ons verwenden.

Version 3.0.8 55.4 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox für Android 55.0 und neuer, Firefox 55.0 und neuer

Default font size for Android preset was changed to 15 (a typo had set it to 25 instead).

Version 3.0.7 55.4 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox für Android 55.0 und neuer, Firefox 55.0 und neuer

* Ability to run Tranquility Reader on a portion of a webpage by selecting/highlighting only the text that you want to read.

* After highlighting text, right click on the highlighted text and select "Tranquilize Selection!" from the context menu. Please note that this feature is not supported on Android platform.

Version 3.0.6 54.9 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox für Android 55.0 und neuer, Firefox 55.0 und neuer

* Ability to create user defined presets (for users who have multiple configurations for Tranquility Reader)

* Changes made to Tranquility Reader preferences are instantly reflected on all tabs in the Tranquil Reading Mode as soon as the modified preferences are saved - this allows for easier testing and tuning of the preferences.

Version 3.0.5 53.7 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox für Android 55.0 und neuer, Firefox 55.0 und neuer

* Changes for limited support on Firefox for AndroidOS
* Only the browserAction (running Tranquility on a web page by selecting the browser menu option) is available on AndroidOS
* No command shortcuts or right click context menus provided on AndroidOS
* Currently no ability to to import/export the offline pages on AndroidOS
* Changes to css/default options for AndroidOS/smaller screen devices.

Version 3.0.4 53.4 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox für Android 53.0 und neuer, Firefox 53.0 und neuer

* Removed popup menu for the browser action; now, clicking on the Tranquility icon will make the page readable. For the other actions provided through the popup menu, users will have to go to the options page or use the Read Later button after running tranquility.

* Added a few "preset" configurations (color schemes and font colors) rather than having to customize each option manually. This is experimental at this time; will explore the option of allowing users to import a configuration file for this in the future.

* Changed the background page to "about:blank" (instead of when loading offline pages from the options window.

* Minor bug fix to remove the progress bar which was not being removed in some corner cases.

* bug fix to correctly load original page when toggling Tranquility mode for an offline page.

* Bug fix to handle loading mixed security content pages correctly

* Bug fix to handle pre-formatted pages correctly

Version 3.0.1 54.2 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 52.0 und neuer

* Tranquility Reader 3.0.1 has been rewritten using WebExtensions APIs
* Ability to export/import offline content (please be sure to export offline content from version 2.0 and manually import into version 3.0.1)
* Reduced set of customization options; Display font name will have to be typed in manually (limitation of WebExtensions APIs)
* Removed support for background image and wikipedia/wiktionary search facility
* No keyboard shortcut (very limited options available through WebExtensions APIs - waiting for more customization capabilities)
* Several minor bug fixes that were put off until this version

Please note that due to the extensive changes that were made, there may be regression in the code and past bugs that were fixed may reappear. Please leave your comments or send feedback to the support email address so that these bugs can be addressed.

Version 2.0 80.5 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 20.0 - 53.*

Tranquility Reader version 2.0 will be the last update to the legacy version of the add-on. The only addition in version 2.0 is to provide the user a way to export/save their offline content to a JSON format file. A link for export is provided every time you view the list of urls stored offline (using the read later functionality).

The next version of Tranquility Reader will be written using the new Webextensions APIs. This version will not be able to retrieve the old offline files. An attempt will be made to allow import the offline content that has been exported from version 2.0.

Version 1.2.1-signed 80.2 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 20.0 - 52.*

* Changed keyboard shortcut to show/hide menu div
* Moved Menu to the bottom of the window; hide it faster (less obtrusive)
* Tranquility font size will override the page specific cached zoom level
* Support for a background image (FilePicker to select local file)
* Support for custom hex color codes for background, font, links, annotation highlighting
* Converted some hard coded string values to use localization
* Reduced complexity by eliminating support for defaultFontColor and defaultBackgroundColor etc.
* Removed support for versions 16.0 - 19.0
* Removed support for private browsing for pre 20.0 versions of firefox (was generating a warning during validation of earlier releases; and is no longer an issue).
* No longer detect documents with minimal content and no longer warn about document still loading (did not help the user experience; more negative feedback than positive regarding these features)
* Now when offline reading list is requested when the active tab is not in tranquility view (or not a html document, such as the "New Tab" view), then the offline reading list is opened in a new tab.

Version 78.3 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 16.0 - 39.*

  • Check private browsing mode and alert that "Read Later" functionality is not available.
  • Minor changes to menu show/hide logic. The menu is now almost completely hidden, and the expand menu button (+) is now moved to the top right of the browser window. so that when printing the page, neither the menu nor the button obscure the text on the page.
  • Handle url's that point to text files better. Files that have only preformatted content were not being processed correctly (line breaks were being removed from the preformatted contents also).
  • Version 77.4 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 16.0 - 30.*

    -- Ability to edit annotations
    -- Auto-hide the menu after 10 seconds (the menu was obscuring part of the content). Menu can be expanded using the (+) button.
    -- Minor enhancements to the algorithm (delete a larger range of hidden elements in the web page)

    Version 76.3 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 16.0 - 36.*

  • Ability to add notes/annotations to offline content; Selected a portion of the text and right click to get the context menu "Tranquility - Add Annotation" to add a new annotation.
  • The annotation is saved automatically and can be retrieved later. Selected text can be highlighted with a custom color.
  • A summary of all the annotations is available via the "View Notes" button. This is a convenient way to collate all notes and compile them for a report (or for later review).
  • Please note that at this time, annotations, once added, cannot be edited or deleted. Annotation font sizes are fixed and are not user customizable. These features will be added in a later version.
  • The layout of the tranquility mode has been streamlined and given a more minimal appearance. Buttons have been moved from the side to the top. The reading area border has been removed to improve readability.
  • Version 73.2 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 16.0 - 31.*

    • "Read Later" functionality to store tranquility view of pages for offline reading
    • Easy access to "Offline Links" view toolbar menu item or in the tranquility view.
    • Easy deletion of articles after reading them
    • Unclutter your bookmarks menu

    Version 69.3 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 16.0 - 29.*

    Minor enhancements:
    Support for customization of link color, line width, text-justification.

    Bug fixes:
    Code modified from version 1.1.12 to take care of a corner case where the tranquility version reversed the display order of all the paragraphs in the web page.

    Version 68.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Firefox 5.0 - 28.*

    • Non-English users can now select the Wikipedia language of choice from the Preferences window
    • Images and pre-formatted content will be re-sized to fit within the reading width
    • Additional support for multi-page articles. A navigation pane is provided at the top and bottom of the web page to navigate to the Next or Previous page or to a specific numbered page/link, if available
    • Code changes to use String Bundles for future localization
    • Improved handling of formatted links in the Tranquil Browsing Mode
    • If the Print or Single Page View does not return sufficient content Tranquility will now try to process the original page. This may help in some cases where the Print or Single Page View is available only to registered/premium users
    • Users can now select the pruning strategy used by Tranquility in its attempt to get a readable web page. The default option is a Conservative pruning strategy. The Moderate and Aggressive pruning strategies may result in truncation of relevant/useful content depending on the structure of the web page