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  • Doesn't work with new firefox
  • Installed and tested, but don't see the point of it. I couldn't find a way to even search. To me this does no more than what Firefox has built in - In fact I prefer the built in BookMark manager.
  • Одно из самых нужных дополнений.
    Со своей задачей справляется великолепно.
    Автор молодец.
  • Может и могло бы быть приложение в чем то удобнее, но без него лично мне вообще вешалка. Очень много закладок и в однопаненьном манагере упорядочить их большая проблема. Спасибо разработчикам за полезную штуковину!
  • font is too small and not adjustable. progress dialog pops up every time i move a bookmark and interrupts my flow. can't drag a bookmark into a folder without diving into the folder.
  • Very good. I have to manage many bookmarks. In Windows I *live* in Total Commander, so this is a welcome look-alike. That immediately leads to a point of criticism (that others have also mentioned): the function key bindings should equal those of TC. And a search function would be great.
  • Очень полезное дополнение, давно искал способ сортировки закладок.
    Не хватает поиска закладок. Часто бывает, что закладку положишь в какую-то папку, а после, во время упорядочивания необходимо найти эту закладку и переложить в другую папку (при этом точное название сайта уже не помнишь, помнишь только ключевые слова).
    Приложение необходимо дополнить поиском, так что бы находилась закладка с местом где она лежит.
  • Hello Serge,
    Your add-on is a true bookmark manager (2 panes), making ordering bookmarks and bookmarks folders easy ... but ... needs to be be more personal with configuration (size, etc.). Please continue its development ...
  • The extension works, but the hotkeys are incompatible with any incarnation of Norton Commander. Total Commander you "know" is a Norton Commander clone. F5 should copy selected items, F6 should rename or move a folder/bookmark, Shift-F6 should rename it locally, F7 should create a new folder, F4 should pop up a window with all properties of the bookmark and allow to edit and save them.
    The key bindings are a essential part of the "commander" experience. _Learn_ them first and then redesign the interface of your Add-on.
  • It does look as it does on screenshots, but you can't:
    - mark and open anything
    - individual bookmarks also not showing
    - what's the point creating a manager without a search function?

    I'm looking for a manager that replaces the ridiculous excuse which Mozilla provides
  • I followed your advice (Bookmark the link) and it works perfectly!
  • Дякую!
  • Great tool for organizing bookmarks
  • Awesome !
    Such an improvement. I have way too many bookmarks I need to organize--this really helps. I totally agree should be an added feature with Firefox. Would like to see some sort arrange options too. Thanks <3
  • I've used TotalCommander/Windows Commander for many years. In TC you press and then you can search for a file or folder. What I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need is a way to search for a bookmark and then see in what bookmark FOLDER it's in (I've got a lot of bookmarks!) The extension "Sidebar Bookmarks Search Plus" no longer works. So here's your change to make Total Bookmarks the ultimate tool for handling bookmarks. And BTW it would be more handy to have a button in the toolbar or the sidebar instead of the Tools menu. Thanks!
  • Greeting from the heart to author. I am using Firefox for over 10 years, and for that time I have never seen such tool/addon. As permanent user of multipanel file managers this addon make me thrilled.
  • and usefull. please add access from toolbar and/or context menu, then 5*
  • I haven't used Total Bookmarks much yet, but already my blood pressure is down.

    Total Commander must be a Windows program. In Linux it would be Midnight Commander, either way they are very similar in commands an layout.

    This makes dealing with hundreds of folders and thousands of bookmarks much easier--especially if you need to modify and organize them around folders.

    One suggestion. There is a feature that none of the other bookmark tools have--in any browser the best I can tell. One that many people would love. It is:

    The ability to highlight multiple bookmarks and have their Title and Link information sent to the clipboard so you can paste them in an email or other file. That would let you select multiple links to email to friends. Currently doing that is too much work.

    Since you already have the ability to select multiple files, sending them to the clipboard should not take much effort.

    Thanks again for your good work.

  • EXCELENT! The standard bookmarks manager for firefox is really bad. This is really useful!
  • Useful but it lacks usability (e.g. drag&drop, tree-visualization, ...).
    Still better than Firefox builtin manager though

    EDIT: I mean drag&drop on a folder, without opening that folder (file-manager like)
    Drag&drop works. Try to drag an item with the mouse.
    Tree visualization is not planned
  • Just what I was looking for cleaning my BIG bookmark collection !
  • I've been looking for this for years, many thanks.
    A useful extra would be that when moving a bookmark, the 'other' window's scroll bar will automatically move down as required.
  • I can't believe that something like this actually exist. The practical Total Commander gui for bookmarks!
    Very useful for users that, like me, have TONS of bookmarks and need order.
  • The best tool to organize a lot of bookmarks. Thanks, Serge.